6 Outdoor activities to spend some time on, during the upcoming Victorian school holidays


Getting outdoors and indulging in some physical activities is not just about exercising and fresh air, it will also help your kids top up on Vitamin D, which children need for healthy bone development and growth. Being involved outside also encourages them to move around, which has been shown to help regulate weight, decrease anxiety and increase overall well-being. Physically active youngsters, with enhanced concentration and on-task behavior, often appear to do better in school.

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Added to these benefits, there is also an element of fun and bonding for your family. Sure, kids can spend all day on their iPads, watching animated YouTube videos and wouldn’t utter a complaint. But leaving children at the mercy of electronic devices creates a divide between them and you. Indulging in physical activities outside of the comfort of a couch allows them to experience things that they will miss entirely otherwise. Outdoor activities are also an excellent time for learning new, practical skills that might help them later in life, or something even better. Them trying out new things can lead to the discovery of something that they are passionate about, permanently altering their life and leading them on a new path. Here are 6 outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your kids in the upcoming Victorian school holidays.


For youngsters, the best thing about soccer or football is that it is a team game that helps to build friendships and broader lessons, such as developing an admiration for the coach, partners and rivals. They will have to understand the laws of the sport, and the significance of sportsmanship – being a great winner and a great loser.


Not only is skateboarding a perfect choice for screen time, but it is also an efficient way for children to improve their balance, endurance and mental agility. Mastering all the moves takes patience, endurance and calculated risk-taking, especially the more advanced ones. They’re going to crash, of course, but it’s all about coming back and giving it another go, teaching them the vital life lesson of dedication and patience. You can see for Second Eye Solution.


With your children, hit a trail and they’ll get a lungful of clean air, downtime from electronics, and some tremendous old-fashioned workout. This activity will also help develop a relationship with nature, which is something our world needs at the moment. Having ample admiration for raw nature is critical in developing them as ideal human beings. Choose a challenging route, and you can also test the capacity of your child to stand up to a physical (and mental) obstacle, better known as character construction.


Similar to hiking, jogging is a great way to enhance aerobic health, boost the immune system and learn some genuine self-discipline for your children. Whether its Sprints, middle or long-range, as long as they are involved, it doesn’t matter how fast they are going. A pair of shoes will get you moving, and you can run alone, with friends or with a squad. You don’t need much to get started.


It brings up endless possibilities once you’ve invested the money in a bike for your child, and they’ve learned to ride. With friends or family, they can ride to school, go to the stores, or explore. Cycling is also an excellent way of enhancing their overall health, gaining skills in road safety while strengthening and toning the muscles of the legs. Cycling is also a greener way of transport than cars. So, if they get used to going everywhere on their bikes, they will be helping the planet in its fight with carbon emissions and pollution.

Rock climbing:

Rock climbing might not be at the top of many parents’ list, but if you take professional training, it is a safe sport. The advantages for children are numerous, from improved coordination of hand/eye/foot to increased durability of strength and flexibility. It could also be a teensy-weensy bit frightening to face a vertical wall of rock for the first time, which means they are beyond their comfort zone. Overcoming these doubts will only create their self-confidence, something that in other aspects of life will assist them immensely.


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