Whom to Contact to Get Money Back From Scammers

Have you been fallen for a scam and lost your money? Have you tried all you can do to recover your money but no result? If you are searching for information about how to get your money back after being scammed online then you have arrived at the right place! Thousands of scams are taking place every day, and there seems to be no way to stop them. Although tale signs of scammers tend to be clear, some people fail to identify them and eventually fall for the scam. Since it might take time for victims to get money back from a scammer, you need to be patient and work according to the expert’s advice.

One of the most common scams is when scammers call unsuspecting people and pretend they are from calling IRS and claim they owe you money. The fraudulent callers threaten to complain about you or send an arrest warrant in your name to take you into custody if you do not pay them immediately. Many people have been a victim of this scam and eventually have lost lots of money. 

Do not panic if you have fallen for a scam because you still have some ways to get money back from a scam. Let’s have a look at whom you can contact after being victimized of a fraud.

Inform Law Enforcement 

Scam or fraud is a criminal activity, which has defined sentences and penalties. The first step you will take after being a victim of fraud is to notify the law enforcement agencies. It will allow you to get a police report and help you recoup what you have lost over the scam. By taking the law enforcement in the loop, you can allow them to begin their investigation promptly. Accordingly, they can issue proper warnings about the dodge to others. 

Notify Your Financial Institution

Some scams involve tricks trying to gather your bank information or to steal money from your bank account. If this is the case with you, do not delay to contact your financial institutions. Your bank will help you find out the best course of action based on your situation. These solutions may include getting a new credit or debit card or getting a unique bank account number, stopping payment on a cheque, or rescind a wire transfer. 

Contact All Three Credit Agencies 

If you provided your personal identifying information, including date of birth and social security number, make sure you consult with all three credit agencies. It will allow you to place a three-month fraud alert on your credit reports without paying any single penny. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of the scammer of benefiting from your information to get new lines of credit . You also have the option of freezing your credit report. Many online platforms, such as Money-Back.com, can help you find out more information on the ways to get money back from scammer, even if it links to all three credit agencies. 

Involve The Social Security Administration 

Some frauds take place using your Social Security Administration or SSA. It will need you to contact the said agency to get help to recover your money. If you do not have a ‘my social security’ account already, it is wise to create one for you to prevent future scams.  

Place a Complain The Federal Trade Commission   

While the Federal Trade Commission or FTC may not help recover the lost money, it acts as the national clearinghouse where you can place your consumer complaints. They take your information to create public warnings and provide you with the necessary details about your rights. They also advise you on how you can mitigate the situation. Placing a complaint at the Federal Trade Commission or FTC is an option to use through the official website of the FTC complaint.

Take Help from the State Attorney’s Office 

The State Attorney’s Office or SAO keeps a record of reported frauds and scammed activities that take place within your state. They also make public announcements to intimate others about these tricks and fraudulent activities. Like FTC, the SAO will provide you with many tips and tools to use as the solution to such situations. You may look for further information by visiting the official website of the State Attorney’s Office.

Contact Legitimate Business or Agency   

You should contact the legitimate government or business agency if the scammer used the relevant identity. These agencies are usually the last to know that fraudsters are using their names and reputations to deceive people. They will usually notify their clients and post a warning on their websites to help others prevent the same situations.  

Talk to Your Family & Friends

Many people believe that if you inform your family or friends about your experience, they will think that you cannot solve your affairs. It is something scammers want you to feel. They know that it will make you feel embarrassed. 

However, you can tell your loved ones about your experience to accomplish two objectives. First, talking to your family members and friends, you can show them that you can manage your affairs by taking the proper steps to solve the situation. It will also help them prevent such types of scams and protect their hard-earned money.

You may think about how anyone can fall for these situations. But it is an undeniable fact that people do receive an official-sounding call or voicemail from a male or female scammer claiming to from the ISR. They tell you that you need to call back to discuss your tax-related issues. They can even give you a case number to refer to when you return the call. If you do not have the idea of what is happening, you may have fallen for it.

Moreover, if it had happened and you did not inform anyone about it, you would leave your family and friends unaware and vulnerable to this trick. In simple words, sharing critical knowledge will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from others against fraud. 


Frauds and scams can happen with anyone in several different ways. Generally, the most vital step you can take after having fallen for a scam is to inform others that may help you recover the money or/and prevent potential frauds. They could be law enforcement agencies, your family, or support groups and platforms like money-back.com. The longer you delay taking someone in the loop, the harder it will be to reduce the frequency of the fallout and recover successfully.

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