The Best Changing Tables of 2020

Unlike other pieces of furniture you’d buy, a changing table is primarily about function. If you end up using yours 5 to 10 times a day, every day, you’re going to want a hard-working piece that helps you get things done and makes your life easier. Not all brands out there are going to work for you, but the right one will have you re-diapering your little one with the speed and efficiency of a Formula One pit-stop.

Take out the stress of assembling baby furniture with this completely adorable Baby change table from Delta Children. It doesn’t take a lot of time to put together and all the pieces and tools you need are included with your purchase. This means you get to spend more time focusing on the important moments.

Babyletto Hudson Drawer Changer Dresser

With a simple and clean design, this changing table looks good with any theme you can come up with while making the messy task of changing a diaper just a little easier.

It features three storage drawers, a separate storage cabinet, and a removable changing tray. The cabinet has an adjustable inner shelf and the drawers roll out smoothly on the metal glide tracks. Plus, the mechanized stops will keep any child from pulling the drawer out all of the way.

One thing we really appreciate is the included anti-tip kit. Furniture can be scary if it isn’t secured properly. The anti-tip kit will keep the entire changing table anchored down so it won’t fall on top of your child.

If you hate mess and clutter, the extra room combined with the clean look will keep your nursery organized. Along with the safety features, this changing table is a great choice for any mom.

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