No matter how many holidays your children get from school, each one is counted as the most cheerful time. Holidays are usually spent away from home. Many people go hiking or visit the beach. The rest want to visit museums or historical places and landmarks in Dublin. Each family has its own likes and dislike, and you have to consider all while choosing a place for holidays.

School Holidays In Australia 

In Australia, each state has different days of holidays. Such as school holidays Victoria are 40 days in total for the year of 2020. Having a list of holidays that you know beforehand makes it feasible for you to plan the perfect family vacation. The best part is that each holiday break falls in a different season, allowing you to explore several places according to weather conditions and not limit you to counted places only.

If you’re looking out for the best ideas to plan your holiday destinations or this is the first time you will have school holidays, then you have come to the right place. We have gathered some of the best ideas and holiday destinations for you.

Phillips Island

Going from Victoria to Phillips Island will require around 1 hour 35 mins drive time. If you are a Phillips resident, then you are good to go, but if not, then booking a hotel in Melbourne or Victoria will serve you right. The island is in the southern coastal region of Australia. The best part is about the inhabitants of the island. Around 32,000 little penguins live on the island, and the penguin parade has to be on your bucket list to witness. The island provides you with amazing beaches and wildlife views. Phillips Island has to be the first-holiday destination that you should visit in Victoria.

Melbourne Museum

If your family is one of those types, who get excited when they hear the word museum, then keep Melbourne museum the first place to visit during holidays. The best thing about the Melbourne museum is they arrange different shows. You can find the list of shows happening there and arrange a trip to attend the show you like the most. These days the museum is closed due to COVID-19, but they are still putting small shows online. Not only does the museum showcase history of Victorian people, but it also arranges science exhibitions that add in the knowledge of children.

Kryal Castle, Ballarat

Kryal Castle is an amusement park located in the city of Ballarat. This amusement park is known to be a place of fiction. You can start the journey in the land of kryal through the dragon’s labyrinth. You will discover the king, queen, their children, dragon, and a lot more fantasy characters in the labyrinth. From the labyrinth, you can move to the torture dungeon, see the knights fighting for peace in the main arena, and see the wizards making a magic potion. Besides fun and games, the castle also hosts dinner, and the guests are welcome to spend the night in the castle. You can choose different packages as per your likes.

Bendigo Botanic Gardens

If you stay at Bendigo, then the botanic gardens must be your go-to place. The botanic gardens of Bendigo is a huge space devoted to gardens only. There you will find the whole area divided into many portions aka garden. Each garden is named differently, such as Northern Victorian Garden, the Cottage Garden of the Victorian Goldfields, the Indigenous Garden, Habitat Garden, and the National Canna and

Lavender Collections.

Not only that, but the area has some themed parks too, such as you can find a play space inspired by Alice in the wonderland. You can plan a small family picnic in the garden and bring the scooters and bikes with you for the kids.

The Mornington Peninsula

If your kids are known to be water babies, then keep this peninsula in your bucket list. The peninsula also has a safe swimming spot for the kids, so they get to be more adventurous here. Not only that, but you stay can make you better scuba and swimmer because you can easily avail of the swimming lessons there. Even if the family I s adventurous, you can opt for the peninsula because you can go to sea caves and sand dunes exploration. The most exciting part is to spot the wracked ships at the Cape Schanck Lighthouse. Not only that, but you can also go for family scuba dive. Last but not least, you would definitely want to visit the Insta-famous rainbow-bright bathing boxes at the beaches there.

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