American president Donlad Trump and his wife got COVID POSITIVE

Covid 19

(Me and my wife got corona positive, we got isolated, tweeted by Donld Trump)

US President Donald Trump’s corona test came positive; his wife Melania Trump also confirmed the corona virus. According to details, US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have contracted the corona virus, after which they quarantined themselves. In this regard, US President Donald Trump in a message on the social networking website Twitter reported that his and his wife’s corona test came positive and wrote that he and his wife Melania Trump’s corona test came positive, after which Has quarantined himself, and begun the recovery process that he and his wife will undertake.

Covid 19 situation in Pakistan
Actually Pakistan is close to safe zone, till now 313,431 patients are found positive, total deaths are 6,499 and pleasant thing is that 298,055 people are recovered from COVID 19.

Covid 19 situation in USA
On the other hand US is 1st country with Covid 19 patients, told that In USA 2,126,60 died of Corona virus till now, and above 7,494,000 are found Corona Positive.

Covid 19 situation in India
India is on the second position for corona cases, and got 6,391,000 exceeding cases and total deaths are 99,804.

Covid 19 situation in Brazil
3rd no is Brazil where 4, 84,900 people involved in corona virus and 1.5 million people got died from this.

Covid 19 situation in Russia
Russia is at 4th no in corona cases and 1,185,000 + people are Covid 19 positive and 20,891 died with corona.

Covid 19 situation in Colombia
Colombia is considered at 5th position where 27 thousand people get died of Corona but 8, 35,000 people are still Covid positive cases repotted.

Covid 19 situation in Peru
Peru has also 8, 18,000 affected people with the Covid 19. 32,535 has got died of corona, and Spain has 7, 78,000 covid 19 positive cases and 31,791 deaths are repoted with Corona virus.

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