Important steps of hajj

If you want to go on hajj so here can easily get the correct details about hajj. Recently, with the arrival of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr, the attention of Muslim communities has been drawn towards Hajj. Before performing the pilgrimage, restless visitors book their travels through special travel companies, to make their journey easier, and to take classes, to ensure that they perform all the rituals correctly. ۔ However, many people forget to take the necessary steps to plan their property and ensure their inheritance. All Muslims must have a state plan. It has been narrated about the Holy Prophet (sws) that, “It is not permissible for any Muslim to stay two nights without writing his last will and testament and being ready with it. Do. “Saying this, the Prophet a / the part of a Muslim’s property the Was’s discuss. Were discussing which is divided according to the will of the testator (testator). The property of the remaining 2/3 persons will be distributed according to Mauritius, which is from the Islamic schedule of distribution.

But in the United States, it is important for a Muslim to plan for an Islamic property that ensures the fullness of one’s property. This is because if you do not have the will or confidence to execute properly, your property will be divided according to your state’s laws. Thankfully, all states allow testers to say what they want, ignoring pre-determined state laws.

From where the hajj starts

It started form intention of hajj that is “Niyat” and begins from 8th Zilhaj. Al the Muslims actually wear Ehraam to start the Hajj and also make intentions before going into Masjid Al Haram in Mecca. We have to follow the keen instructions if we are going on Hajj.

  • After Tawaf Ai Q Qadoom, two rak’ats of Salai Sunnah,
  • Part of Zamzam water, and Sa’i throat or taqsir, Shaving, bathing and changing into everyday clothes,
  • These steps complete the part of Umrah. All restrictions on ihram were temporarily lifted.
  • Pilgrims wait until the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah to begin the rituals of Hajj.

On the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah, the pilgrim announces a new place to perform Hajj. There is no need to go to the meeqat for this. The pilgrim turns into ihram in the prescribed manner and immediately after the Fajr prayer. Later he leaves for Mina. Haji Mina stays in Arafat and Muzdalifah to perform the prescribed rituals. Sacrifice is necessary for Hajj.

Announcing Niaz for Hajj

All worships are preceded by the proper announcement of a new one.

Niyah for Umrah:

0 Allah! Intends to perform Umrah. Make it easy for me and accept it from me. Request Naat for Umrah and enter the state of Ihram only for the sake of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Niyah for Hajj:

0 Allah! I intend to perform Hajj. Make it easy for me and accept it from me. I make a new one for Hajj and enter the state of pyramid only for the sake of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Niyah for Tawaf:

0 Allah! I intend to circumambulate your holy house. Make things easy for me and accept from me the seven ashes for your own sake, which is Allah Almighty.

Strive for new:

0 Allah! Trying to make seven rounds between Safa and Marwa only for your pleasure, Make it easy for me and accept it from me.

Wearing ihram after Fajr

The special clothing worn by a male pilgrim during Hajj or Umrah, It consists of two pieces of white, uncluttered and plain fabric. One piece is wrapped around Madrid to cover his body from the top of his navel to the ankles, and the other is wrapped around his shoulders.

Cover the upper body. For women, their usual and unusual clothes, everyday clothes are their ihram.

During ihram, the following actions are forbidden: cutting hair, shaving any part of the body, trimming nails, smelling perfume or cologne, killing or hunting animals, having intercourse, proposing marriage, or making marriage contracts.

2 rak’ats supererogatory prayers

An imaginary boundary around Makkah Possibility of pilgrimage the pilgrim cannot cross this limit without changing the first ihram. The pilgrim turns into a pyramid at the meeqat and intends to perform Hajj or Umrah.

The boundaries of Makkah are anchored from different directions around the Ka’bah through various settlements and places. They are 1-Thai-ally in the north, 2-Elam in the southeast,

3- They are Arq in the North East, 4 Al-Fiqh in the North West, 5th Century I Manazil in the East. For people living permanently within a permanent area, their residence is their meeqat.

Safa & Marwa:

A small lump about 150 yards from the Kaaba,

Going to Mina

Pilgrims are accepted on the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah at any time after the Fajr prayers but before Zuhr. Mina is a desert site about three miles from Makkah where many Hajj rituals are performed.

Staying in Mina at night

It must stay like overnight in Mina and also pray Fajar prayer and then leave sunrise of the ninth of zilhajjah.

Day 2:

Going to Arafa

Arafa is a place in the desert about nine miles from Makkah. Pilgrims do not have to crowd the Mount of Mercy. They can stay anywhere without the limits of Arafa.

Prayers after entering Arafat:

Allah! Forgive me and help me to repent and grant me everything and show me goodness whenever they come. Praise is to Allah! All praise is due to Allah! And there is no god but Allah. And Allah is great.

Praying in Arafat

After settling in the tent, the pilgrim should perform the Zuhr and Asr prayers in short (short) and combined ways, ie each prayer should be performed in 2 rak’ats instead of 4 rak’ats, and both prayers will be performed at the same time. With one Adhan and two separate Iqamahs, for each Zuhr and Asr.

Once in Arafa, the pilgrim should spend as much time as possible in the remembrance and remembrance of Allah. This is a very special day and the pilgrim will never see it again. Everyone should make the most of it.

No supererogatory or any other prayers are offered before or after the prayers.

Staying in Arafa

The pilgrim stays in ‘Arafah till sunset. It is recommended to spend the whole time reciting the Qur’an, reciting the talbiyah, asking for supplications and repenting to Allah.

They are standing in Arafa

At the end of the afternoon, just before sunset, pilgrims can stand outside the tent in front of the qiblah, and raise their hands in prayer to God. There is no prescribed prayer for wudoo ‘for’ Arafah. During these safe moments, Haji is alone with Allah, and prays to Him to forgive his sins and shortcomings throughout his life. Prayer is accepted in any language and in any way.

Departure for Muzdalifah

After sunset, the pilgrim quietly leaves for Muzdalifah, always reciting talbiyah and other prayers. Muzdalifah is a desert site located approximately between Mina and Arafat. The pilgrims spent the night of 10 Dhul-Hijjah here.

Toilet and ablution facilities are available. Naturally, they are very crowded all the time. Pilgrims should show patience, politeness and understanding with other fellow pilgrims.

Praying in Muzdalifah

The pilgrim offers the Maghrib and Isha prayers and combines them and shortens the Isha. Therefore, after the call to prayer, three rak’ahs of Maghrib are offered after the general iqamah. Another iqamah (but no adhan) is said and then two rak’ats of Isha are offered. Haji Muzdalifah lives under the sky. No tents or accommodation available.

Collecting pebbles

The pilgrim then walks to the foot of the nearby hills, and collects about 70 pea-sized pebbles for throwing. It is a good idea to collect additional pebbles for accidental damage. Pebbles lying around bathroom facilities should not be collected. No one should leave Muzdalifah before dawn without any excuse: only women, the elderly and the weak can leave after midnight.

So as at the end due to large crowed going to mina avoid pushing people and also respectful to others.

Throwing of pebbles

The pilgrim stones to jamrat ai kubra the only way prefer right before midday and stoning the pillar symbolizes stoning the devil. It is closest to makkah so on the time throwing stones pilgrim recites bismillah then Second and then third.

Sacrificing an animals

Then sacrifice an animal which is required for the pilgrim performing Hajj. The animal choice is yours either a sheep or camel. Pilgrim should always chose the animal and avoid animals which actually not look healthy or have defects.

Cutting hair

Slaughtering cutting hair and tawaf ai ifadh are alternate rituals. At the points in time the egulations for ibram no longer apply expect that pilgrim and cannot have conjugal relations.

Celebrating Eid al Adha

Starting from the 10th of zilhajj an on. muslims around the world and pilgrims in an important celebrate such special occasions.

Going to Makah

Pilgrim has the options to postpone to a later time. Menstruating women should not make tawaf until period stays. If the pilgrim selected hajj ifrad or qiran and also made a first tawaf there is no need to make it happen again. Then need to perform prayers in mina and departing from makkah on the completion of hajj.

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