Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2020

Talk about the trends of web design, every distinctive year it’s been changing. If you are a beginner or professional web designer, you have to know what types of trends are running nowadays. 

The particular reason is, without knowing the trends you can’t make yourself proficient ever. For your gaining purpose, here are the top 5 web design trends for 2020. 

Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2020

Coding has been changing phases by itself and bringing new coding systems like Python. That’s why a web designer must keep him updated every year so he can increase his professionalism. These trends not only help to improve user experience but also it will help the web to get a satisfying look. 

Besides, you can find different Montreal web design agency to see all the latest trends to make you updated.

Structure web with progressiveness

Did you ever hear about the progressiveness structure in the web design? Specifically, it means having fastness, amazingly responsive, connectivity independence on the web.

In truth, the Progressive web now becomes the trendiest subject in web designing. Google is providing much response to the Progressive web than the ordinary web.


Before you start designing, you have to know what progressive ethics exactly are. Indeed, you have to design the web by following those ethics utterly to complete your command comfortably.


When a web, starts taking too long to express the page, visitors feel aggravated and leave the page. In this case, you have to design the web with a rapid loading code to prevent less loading time. 


An insensitive and less supportive web will never get precedence from the user and search engine. That’s why you have to design the web in a responsive way to support desktop, mobile, tabs, and other devices effortlessly.

Connectivity independence

It seems too good when a user can view the web page with a despicable lower speed network and offline.

Fresh page

Nowadays, a number of websites don’t deliver a smooth page instead of a scribble page. Therefore, web designers should design the page with a fresh look so a visitor can get a convenient experience. 

Ensuring hassle-free accessibility

According to web user reports, from kids to 70+ age is adult people; varieties type’s people use the web. It means designers have to design the web by considering kids, young, and adult ages.

Light vs dark mode

You have probably seen how much positive popularity got to the dark mode on Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. Consequently, you should start designing the web with a white and dark mode both.

Large & oversized element

Images and other attractive elements can make your web more eye-catchy and accomplished. Therefore, designers should attach oversized features to make the website more appealing.

Illustration for Brand Personality

In these days, using illustration for expressing brand personality becomes significantly demandable. It will be better to use the illustration for raising or expressing brand personality.


Overall, I tried to bring here the most gossiped web design trends and hopefully, these trends will help you become a professional web designer.

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