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Swat Valley – Guideline to Make Your Tour Plan to Swat

swat valley

Swat is a beautiful tourist place in Pakistan. Swat District is a district in Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and rich with natural wonder beauty. Around 2000 years ago, Swat was known as Udyana and later the name was changed to Suvastu. People from everywhere liked to live in Suvastu due to great peach and prosperity. the outstanding natural beauty of Swat attracts a number of millions of visitors every year from local or from all around the world. Total area of Swat is 5,337 km² with a total population of 2.31 million (2017). ‎90.28% Pashto language uses in Swat. Among the list of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, Swat is famous everywhere and millions of tourists visit swat.

Umar Mehmood In happy mood

Umar Mehmood


Famous Places in Swat – Malamjabba
Kalam, Malamjabba, Mahodand are the most favorite places to visit for Swat and to see the natural wonders. Kundol Lake, Katora Lake, White Palace, Kumrat Valley, Samsos Resort Malam Jabba, are the top sights in Swat.

Ghaffar Bhai In Malamjabba

Ghaffar bhi in Malamjabba


AYaz Shah In Malamjabba

Umair and Ijaz Watto In Malamjabba Chair Lift


Historical places in Swat
Butkara , Shingardar stupa, Saidu stupa are the main historical places of Swat which are famous due to many reasons.

A tour to bahrain valley

Haseeb And Raza
Bahrain is a wonderful city and is housed in Smack. Bahrain is celebrated for its nearby painstaking work. The climate in Bahrain can be gentle and hot. January is a great month to visit the Bahrain Valley. It is a vital aspect of the Darul and Smack waterways. Bahrain is found 58 km north of Mingora, 66 km from Saidu Sharif and 10 km from Madian. With a vehicle, you can arrive at Bahrain from Islamabad in 6 hours. Bahrain is 307 km from Islamabad. Bahrain is acclaimed for its handiworks, for example, cloaks, woolen caps and jewelery.

Umar Butt

Umar Butt

Bahrain was viewed as a sloping spot by a stream. As the name recommends, it meets two distinct streams in a single spot. There are a few inns for tourists with the goal that one can remain expedite and appreciate the cool wind of Darul and Smack streams. Furthermore, it fills in as a headquarters for the path that prompts Darul and Sedgai lakes. Summer is somewhat blistering, yet an unquestionable requirement visit in Smack.

About an hour wide, this street is in Bahrain. Tourists stop to shop or search for lovely wooden seats, tables and different specialties. Bahrain is a blend of Pashtuns and mountain climbers. Bahrain is ten kilometers north of Midian and has a slight height, at around 1,400 meters (4,500 feet). It is another mainstream riverside tourist objective where markets can discover their painstaking work. A few houses have cut wooden entryways, columns and galleries. They highlight a noteworthy assortment of enhancing shapes, including botanical parchments and beautifying diaper groups that resemble Buddhist places and are totally different from the regular Muslim plan.

Wonderful night view on bahrian valley

Haseeb Ali
On the off chance that you have visited this spot so essentially sure about as remaining at the inn on the privilege so the most brilliant inn and the chief is undoubtedly had it because of his head and hands were enormous also.

Buddhism in the Valley
The bahrian Valley is additionally referred to around the globe as the “Heavenly Place that is known for Buddhist Instruction and Devotion”. It was a significant focus of Buddhist journey. At an early stage, it was said that Buddha himself came to Smack during the time spent his last manifestation and promoted the lessons of harmony and agreement. It has additionally been named the “support of Buddhism.” As referenced prior, the name of Smack and it portrays the old obligations.

History additionally discloses to us that Alexander the Incomparable took on numerous extraordinary conflicts in this land before he crossed the Indus Delta. The Smack Valley has likewise been named the “Valley of Hanging Seats”. History additionally shows that Smack was before the support of Buddhism where 1400 cloisters endure and thrived and they likewise assembled the Gandhara School of Model.

What are the highlights of Bahrin Valley?
• Elevation: The stature of Smack Valley is 975.36 meters and arrives at 2900 meters.

• The most noteworthy pinnacle of the Hindu Kush go in the Smack Valley is Falak Sher/Sar top which is 5918 meters.

• Malakand goes among Mardan and Smack and is 470m to 663m.

• Shangla Pass/Top is around 7,000 feet above ocean level and is 56 km from Saidu Sharif and 45 km from Besham.

• The complete separation among Islamabad and Saidu Sharif is 266 km and the movement time is five and a half hours.

Kumrat Valley
Kumrat Valley is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kumarat Valley is a characteristic valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Jeeps are utilized to cover the valley. Mountains, timberlands, unpracticed glades are the central matters of enthusiasm of this valley. The climate in Kamrat Valley is freezing. Numerous cascades are situated close to the kumrat Valley.

Raza Ali
Numerous vacations go to the Qamar Valley throughout the late spring prepare and appreciate the wonderful magnificence and greenery. With a vehicle, you can reach Qamar Valley from Islamabad in 10 hours. The good ways from Islamabad to Kamrat Valley is 400 km.

Malam Jabba

Raza Ali and Bilal
Malam Jabba is a pleasant slope station found numerous miles away in the Smack Valley. Malam Jabba is the best spot for fly skiing. The chairlift in Malam Jabba is a famous occasion fascination. In the winter, the snow-topped piles of Malam Jabba are running and it is a famous winter for tourists.
An ice celebration is held in Malam Jabba and numerous significant experiences like fly skiing, ice skating, paragliding are the principle exercises of this opposition. You can reach Malam Jabba from Islamabad in 7 hours by one vehicle. The good ways from Islamabad to Malam Jabba is 292 km.

Madyan is a bumpy spot situated a good ways off of 55 km from Madyan. Madyan is a mainstream tourist objective and is known for a significant distance for trout fish. A huge number of tourists visited Madyan and encountered the cool wind of the Smack Waterway. Via vehicle, you could reach Midian from Bahrain in a short time. The good ways from Bahrain to Madyan is 10 km. The Madyan Valley is at times called the Ideal Valley due to its standard atmosphere.

Madyan Visitor House can be exceptionally main stream and is situated over the Madyan Essential Bazaar. Madyan visitor convenience isn’t generally costly. With a vehicle, you can reach Madyan from Islamabad quickly in five hours. The good ways from Islamabad to Madyan is 298 km.

The Hawk is an enchanting valley, and it is a 15-minute vehicle ride and a 30-minute stroll from Madyan. The bird valley is separated into two sections, the old hawk and the new falcon. The old falcon is situated over this progression and the new bird is situated underneath this line. Via vehicle, you can arrive at Falcon from Bahrain quickly. The good ways from Bahrain to Hawk is 13.4 km. Chail Valley draws in vacationers on account of its characteristic wonder. You can reach Chail from Islamabad in 6 hours by one vehicle. The separation of falcon from Islamabad is 300 km.

Switzerland in Pakistan “Mahodand Lake”


Mahodand Lake pic

Known as Switzerland of Pakistan because of its beauty Apart from being a valley, it is also the administrative district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Some of the sites you can visit include: Mahodand Valley and Lake, Osho Jungle, Malam Jabba, Buner, Swat Museum, Bahrain, Kalam, Saidu Sharif and Der. Magnificence is a quality that describes itself by fulfilling want. Tremendous mountains, thundering streams, and delightful cascades welcome you to come and lose all sense of direction in the endless exhibition. It is just when one can illuminate the riddle inside oneself. Mahodand Lake is located in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Upper Osho, Swat. Mahodand is located about 40 km from Kalam Bazaar and 128 km from Mingora, the capital of Swat Valley.

A land parcel known as Smack and regularly called “Switzerland of the East” – is known for its plenitude of unbelievable characteristic excellence. Any place your strides are, that second and that Vista will be essential.
This year, I went on a family outing to Lake Mahudand, about 40km from Kalam in the Osho Valley in Smack Area, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). We remained in Kalam which offered a philosophical perspective on the valley.
Lake Mahodand is situated at a height of 9,400 feet (2,850 m) inside the Hindu Kush scope of the mountains and is around two kilometers in length. It took us around three hours to cover the separation of 35 to 40 km from Kalam to the lake.

Why we go to Mahodand lake?
The shores of Lake Mahoodand are beautifully covered with high pines and pastures that serve as a camping site during the summer. The lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Hindu Kush mountains and gives rise to the Osho forest, an important river on the left bank of the Swat River.

Raza Ali

Lake of fishes
Mahodand Lake is also known as the “Lake of Fish”. It is located at an altitude of 2,865 meters (9,400 feet) at the foot of the Hindu Kush. The lake was surrounded by meadows, mountains and dense forests. Lake Mahodand is fed by melting glaciers and springs of Hindu Kush.

Boating in Lake Mahodand
Lake Mahudand is fed by melting the glaciers and springs of Mount Hindu Kush. This gives birth to Aso Khwar, the largest left-wing relief worker on the Swat River.

Plants and animals
During the winter, Lake Mahodand freezes and is covered with heavy snow. In summer, the lake basin is surrounded by a blanket of alpine flowers. Especially jam, blue poppy, putinella and genetics are relatively common. Mahodand Lake is stocked with Swati brown trout and only licensed British are allowed to catch it.

Kalam timberland (forest)
We began our excursion by street in a jeep promptly toward the beginning of the day, and in the wake of intersection the Kalam timberland, our first visit was in Osho. There are a few cabins in the region that offer an incredible perspective on the valley. Not exclusively is the surge of fascination a sight for sightseers and its occupants, yet it is additionally a wellspring of power for local people.

Reaching at Mahodand Lake
It is 3 to 4 hours drive from kalaam valley on a must 4×4 vehicles and mahodand lake road is totally rocky road not recommended to travel by a car. Basically at Kalaam bazaar we can hire a 4×4 vehicle for your journey to Mahodand Lake and way that is right bak to Kalaam from the lake. You have to start your journey early in the morning if you do not plan to stay overnight on the lake and you want to enjoy all the attractions of Osho Valley on the way to Mahudand Lake Kalam.

Kalam valley
The first stop on your journey from Kalam Valley to the lake is Osho Jungle. Osho Forest is a natural thick forest that gives you lifelong experience and happiness. Most tourists stop there for half an hour and even do photography. For more information on Osho forests, the next stop is fishing. Mahi Banal is a fascinating place along the way. Lush fields, huge mountains and locals can be seen working in their fields along with their herds of pastures.

The dominant falls or waterfall will be your next stop. The huge waterfall just off the road to Mahudand is another gift of nature. There are canteens near the waterfall where you can buy water and snacks.

On the way to Mahwandand Lake, you will come across Chashma-e-Shifa. The locals of Wuhu Valley believe that the flowing water of the river is a cure for many diseases.
Mount Falak Sea View Point is the last stop on the way to Lake Moundand, the highest mountain in the Falak Sar Valley with an elevation of 19,416 feet above sea level.

Company enjoying moments
Those are actually very delighted moments for the whole company which is on the tour to see that heaven type of on the earth. After the tiring journey on the rocky road from Kalaam to the lake and you will see the Mahodand lake is surrounded very beautifully. It provides the most beautiful landscape view on different places.

Sulman and Abid Ali in Mahodand lake

sulman in Mahodand Lake

Company Stay and resting

Sulman Mehmood

Gufran Ali in Hotel

Gufran Ali


Umar Butt 


People have used to stay in camps but due to safety and securities mostly hire the apartments and rooms in hotels. People can easily camp for night there and also camping of own if they wish. Overall the choice is on your own heart but hotel room booking is the safest way to enjoy the beauty from windows of your rooms. The Mahodand Lake is covered with the trees and plants of forest and gives a very mesmerizing looks to people who goes out there. If you want to go out there so you need to go at Ushu forest, Mahi banal, Matiltan, shaudur waterfall, chasma- e shifa, saifullah lake. Because of there is gorgeous crystal clear lake and about 40 KM from kalam in the ushu valley in the District Swat.

Pic of Sthin co Members in Mahodand Lake

Umair Malik in Mahodand Lake

How Many Lakes are in Swat?
There are a total of 10 lakes in the alpine zone of Swat valley and almost every lack has a different shapes and colors. Mahodand Lake, Kundol Lake, Katora Lake, Daral Lake, Kandol Lake, Godar Lake, Saidgai Lake, lzmis Lake, Lake Khakhari, Bashigram Lake, Jabbad Lake are some of the top famous Lakes of Swat which are rich in beauty.

How Safe and Secure Swat if for Local and Foreign Tourists?

It is totally safe to visit Swat valley and almost everywhere in Swat. Tourists can visit anywhere anytime to see the beauty of nature. High profile rescues services are there even dignitary protection. All genders can spend their best time because it’s safe and secure for local and foreign travelers. Female tourists can also spend their bets time without facing any difficulties and situation because almost everyone is cooperative here and respect the women tourists. The security situation in Pakistan is totally fine and there is no chance to feel fear at anywhere because security and protection are everywhere. Tourists can families can make their plans at any time and can decide to visit Swat and its beautiful destinations at any time.

Swat as Popular Tourists Point for Tourists

Due to have scenic views and stunning beauty, Swat has become one of the most favorite and attractive tourist places for all interested tourists around the world. People like to spend their best time and holidays in Swat in bets seasons and enjoy the beauty. In the list of the major tourist attractions of Pakistan, Swat Valley is one of the best and attractive tourist attractions and has a remarkable name in tourist destinations. Due to the beautiful Hindu Kush mountain range, and Malam Jabba hill station, the trend of the local tourists is impressive. Tourist spends most of the time in Swat Valley, Kalam, and Mahodand and enjoys the beautiful weather with alone with friends or with families. The Swat Valley is a charming valley where tourist always likes to spend their best times to see the natural beauty in different seasons. World tourist’s ratio is increasing day by day and Swat has become the world best tourist’s destination.

Awareness about Swat Weather and its Routes before to Come

Before to make your travel plans do confirmation about Swat weather and after getting satisfaction plan your visit. You may enjoy Swat valley photos by accessing online and doing it with little research where you can spend the best time. Swat valley tourism plan can be done on behalf of the best available resources and to spend the best time to make your memories memorable. Make sure your bets arrangements and facilities which you want to ring with your before to arrive Swat. A rout plane is necessary to spend the best time and to enjoy the maximum points in less time.

Wonderful Hotel and Accommodation Arrangements in Swat

The most unique mountain hotels of Pakistan are offering their stay and accommodation service for tourists and always remains active to welcome them. Different types of arrangements are available for interested travels who like to enjoy the different features and facilities during their stay. Advance booking options are always remain open for interest’s tourists and online access is fast and convenient way to book your reservations in most of the hotels of Swat valley and it’s surrounding places.

How to Make a Tour Plan to Visit Swat?

Swat and Kalam is rich with natural beauty and wonders. Both places have wonderful arrangements to welcome tourists. Tourists companies and interested people can make their travel plans at any time because Swat valley is open almost 12 months and people always prefer to go Swat to spend the best time of their lives.

Inspirations and Information about the Best Tourists Places of Swat

Find the beautiful Swat Valley stock photos, images in HD, high-quality videos, royalty-free stock photos, and numerous points of interests before to visit Swat and plan your trips accordingly. Do research from local correspondence or travel agents to help you to plan your visits to Swat or inquire directly to specific resources to know about the best possible tour plan. There are awesome beautiful places where tourists can go by having useful information’s and may take help from the local tourists to spend their best time to enjoy the natural beauty and historical values of the Swat historical places.

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