Usman TikTok Biography

Usman Molvi Biography

Usman Molvi Tiktok Star

Real Name:  Malik UsmanAsim

Well-known as: MolviUsman

TikTok ID: @usmanasim66

Present Age: 28 years

Bate of Birth: 09-02-1991

Place of Birth: Wazirabad

Religion: Islam

Favorite Color: Black

Weight: 69 Kg

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inch

Nationality: Pakistani


Hobbies: Acting, Video Making

Popularity Reason: Funny Acting

TikTok Fans: 7.5 Million

Tiktok Total Hearts: 275.1 Million

Profession: TikToker

Popularity: Famous on Tiktok


Malik Usman Birthday and Family Details

With 29 years of age, Malik Usman is Married and living with his family in Wazirabad City of Pakistan.

Malik Usman as Famous TikTok Star

Malik Usman has got famous by lip-syncing app and famous in all over Pakistan. Malik Usman is one of the famous Pakistani TikTok who has millions of fans. He is known Pakistani TikTok Star due to his amazing Looks, cute smile, acting, lips performance Style. Malik UsmanAsimTikTok Star Biography his personal interests, liking, preferences and to interests levels to act like a funny Character.

Style of MolviUsman

MolviUsman is a TikTok star has millions of fans and people like to him very much. Success Story explores the personal interests and the creative thinking style of the star who have gained numerous achievement and progress levels in TikTok world. Tiktok Star Malik Usman unique style like by the people and famous almost everywhere in the local communities. At the start of his career, he was not much famous in few months he have gained much popularity among the local communities.

The Personality of the Malik Usman

Malik Usman is tall and spends a simple life. Now he has become a famous TikTok Star and has millions of fans everywhere. He has made countless funniest videos on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Now MolviUsmanhas made sufficient income from TikToksource and has become a rich person. He is earning millions of rupees from TikTok videos and he also takes interests to participate in other events.

The Popularity of Malik Usman 

The journey of TikTok Star Malik Usman from Zero to hero is very interesting. Famous TiktokerMalik Usmanhas much popularity since the start of his career. He is famous due to meet the challenges of the people and got rewards many times from their fans. Watch videos of Famous TiktokerMalik Usman on TikTok and YouTube and spend your best time to views the different activities of the star. To walk with a unique style and to meet the challenges of the people.

Activiities of Usman

Usman has made numerous videos and his style impress his fans and they try to copy but till now no one can do it. Different celebrities and TikTok stars like him and take selfies with him.

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