Phoollu Biography (PhoolluTikTok )

Phoollu Tiktoker

Real Name:  Tuqeer Ahmad

Well-known as: Phoolu in TikTok

Present Age: 31 years

Place of Birth: MandiBahauddin

Nationality: Pakistani


Popularity Reason: Funny English

First Gain: Love by Girls

TikTok Fans: 1.2 Million

Tiktok Total Hearts: 30.1 Million

Profession: Plumber / Worker in Dubai Workshop

Popularity: Famous on Tiktok


Phoollu Birthday and Family Details

With 31 years of age, Phoolu is a married person living with his family. He has one son and lives in a small house in his village. Currently Phoolu is doing a job in Dubai in a workshop being a worker.

Phoollu as TikTok Star

Phoollu is a famous person on Tiktok and has millions of fans. Phoollu lifestyle is really simple and like a villager who basically belongs to a poor family. Phoollu has 1 buffalo and spends most of their time with his buffalo. He has no clear life goals and does work like plumber work in routine-based work. Phoollu is a married person with 1 son whose age is almost 10 years. Phoollu spends most of their time on Tiktok to record funny moments of his life and knows about different useful tips and tricks by which he can impress and entertain his fans. Phoollu nicely explores his personal interests in a different way.

Personality of the Phoollu

Phoollu Biography explores that Phoollu is a simple, honest, but hardworking person who is a well-known Pakistani star and famous in TikTok. Phoollu is famous almost everywhere in the world due to the use of the funniest use of the 3 languages skills. Phoolu is having a funny character style in his personality. People like Phullo due to his simple, honest, and unique video styles. People take selfies with Phullo and he likes it very much for this activity and fun to spend his time with his fans. Currently, Phullo is doing Job in Dubai and has become one of the most famous stars in TikTok world. Watch Phullo Funniest videos of Phoollu lifestyle by visiting his personal page.

Funniest Style of Phoollu

Phoollu uses mixed languages like English, Punjabi, and Urdu just to entertain his fans and followers. He acts being like a funny actor and speak frequently to show his talents of fun. With the humongous popularity on social media, Phoolu has become a star and people like him very much. Phoollu is a Pakistani social media star and famous due to the funny style of language and has unique identity among his fans. With 170.490K+ followers on TikTok,  and well known one of the popular TikTok stars in Pakistan, Phoolu like by the local communities and international plans.

The popularity of the Phoollu

Phoollu has also collaborated with several commercials and famous almost everywhere. Phoollu gained fame for owned eponymous TikTok and almost all social media, especially in TikTok and YouTube. Phoolu is regularly updating his TikTok profile and entertain the people by different styles and video presentations. He has become a star of TikTok Star and become famous popularity.


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