You Never Knew this is How you can get Netflix for free

Netflix is an American technology service concerned with media providing as well as production. It is headquartered in California and was founded in the year 1997. Its founders are Marc Randolph and Hastings.

The main business of the company is to provide a subscription-based TV streaming service that has a library of movies and television services to choose from and it also has its own production in the house as well.

According to the count in April Netflix have over 193 paid subscriptions across the world with 73 million in the USA alone. It is available in all countries except China, Syria, North Korea, and Crimea. The company has its office in other countries as well such as India, UK Japan, etc. It produces content from countries and then distributes It too.

Here is how you can operate Netflix for free


  1. Netflix offers its members free subscription for a time period of one month and you can avail that. If you subscribe to the free account you can access and watch anything you want for free without paying anything.And what do you have to do to get this free trial well not much? Just get an account made on Free Netflix premium accounts subscribing to any of their paid plans and then you will get to watch anything for free.
  2.  You can also do another thing where you can make multiple accounts. So first make an account and then use it for a month. Then after the month of subscription ends the. Make another account. So you can keep using it month by month for a lot of months if you keep making multiple trial accounts.
  3.  Premium Plans cost around 8 dollars. It allows multiple users to use the account. For that what you can do is share the account with your friends. So if 8 friends decide to share then you will have to pay as less as 1 dollar each and that is almost like free. To find your friends make a group and then share your premium plan for almost free
  4.  A lot of mobile carriers in the US provide Netflix subscriptions along with their recharge such as Verizon and A & T as well as T mobile. They all offer free Netflix with their mobile recharge sometimes up to one year. You have to find that out and then go for the right recharge and you will additionally get free Netflix.
  5.  You can also ask someone to gift you a Netflix card. A lot of our relatives want to gift us something and don’t know what to. Well, you can suggest to them to gift you a card with a Netflix subscription.
  6.  Look out for coupon websites. Often these types of websites provide coupons for Netflix as well. So in that case you can just simply use the coupon and then watch Netflix for free easily or for a very cheap price.
  7.  Have you heard of VPNs? There are a lot of VPN’s that allow you to watch Netflix for free. VPNs are basically Virtual Private Networks. They let you access Netflix for free for as long as you want so you can jump on and use one of them.

 Facts about Netflix that you never knew

Earlier the name decided to be kept for Netflix was after the name of one of the founder’s dogs. Later it was decided that it should be named however after much brainstorming finally it was decided to be Netflix.

Netflix used to do house calls when it was launched initially. It used to call people and try to ask them what is it that they like or not about the website and if they enjoy it. In return for their valuable feedback, they used to get a coffee or some perk from Netflix.

A study also showed recently that people who watch Netflix continuously rather the binge-watchers may actually be depressed. People with a lack of self-control or those who had loneliness were the ones that suffered from depression.

Tesla has tied up with Netflix recently to make available a feature that allows people to watch Netflix when they are driving. But here is the catch this service only operates when the car is parked. This has been done to avoid any accidents.

Netflix has many users and it is a lot more famous than the usual cable. In fact, Netflix has so many users that it is killing the cable as people are switching to Netflix all the time.

A fun fact is that once when there was a solar eclipse the viewership of Netflix dropped by 10% and it was all because of the moon. People preferred to not switch on their devices during the eclipse and that led to the drop.

According to a study, a lot of couples are cheating on each other with Netflix since they are so busy binging.

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