A Beginner’s Guide to Steroid Stacks and Cycles

As a beginner in any endeavor, one question you are faced with is where or how you should start. This is the same with anyone interested in starting a career in bodybuilding. Asides the fact that you are supposed to exercise and workout, be on a specific diet and so much more, you also hear about using drugs such as SARMs and steroids.

In considering steroids, there are several things and information involved, ranging from the types of steroids and how to use them, going through a cycle, watching out for side effects and also undergoing a post cycle therapy.

To a newbie, all these information may seem overwhelming and they may not know where to start. The purpose of this article is to help you know just how to do that.

Bodybuilding entails dedication, perseverance, determination and hard work which are efficiently directed in other to get the desired results. Since reaching these objectives usually require quite some time, bodybuilders are known to use substances to complement and enhance their bodybuilding efforts.

Keep in mind that you cannot be lazy and be a bodybuilder. You cannot just depend only on drugs, you also have to work out, watch what you eat and so on. Steroids are supposed to complement your efforts and not to take over from them in your bodybuilding journey.

What are Steroids and Stacks?

Steroids are chemical compounds or synthetic drugs that act the same or are similar to some hormones in the human body. Naturally, the body produces hormones that help fight stress and promote growth. Athletes use steroids to simulate the effects of these hormones and by so doing, gain and increase strength, and also enhance their performance.

There are different categories and types used in bodybuilding. They include substances like anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and prohormones. Steroids like most drugs have side effects that range from mild to severe, so knowing the right one to use is important. You may want to read more about them here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/246373.

Steroid stacking is when an athlete combines and uses two or more different compounds together in a cycle so as to enhance their performance and get a specific desired result. Different products with different purposes are used together to provide greater energy, endurance, and recovery. A stack will typically include pre-workout products, intra-workout, and post-workout products.

There is also what is referred to as a steroid pyramid which is when an athlete starts with a low dose of a substance then the dosage frequency is increased gradually before it tapers off at the end of a cycle. While stacking enhances the effects of each individual substance, the pyramid allows the body to get used to using steroids and steroid-free periods allow the body to recuperate.

What is a Cycle?

A steroid cycle is when an athlete uses performance-enhancing drugs for a period of time, usually between 2-3 months and then stops to allow the body to recuperate before taking these supplements again. Usually, athletes and bodybuilders undergo a process of post cycle therapy after each cycle to help the body fight the side effects of the substances used and to regularize the functions of the body to normal levels.

There are different types of cycles depending on what the goal of your bodybuilding is. The most commons ones are:

Bulking Cycle: The goal here is to add mass so it involves taking supplements that allow you to build muscles and strength quickly. A lot of the mass gain is due to water retention so there are specific supplements that are recommended for bulking especially those with nitrogen retention properties.

Cutting Cycle: This is recommended when a person wants to have a lean mass or lose weight. Weight loss supplements are used to provide lean muscle, increase energy and strength during this cycle as the athlete is on a cutting diet. They also boost metabolism and cut fat, resulting in a ripped physique. Cutting is the opposite of bulking.

Lean-Bulk Cycle: This is a combination of using both bulking and cutting supplements. It is usually longer and is mostly for advanced and expert bodybuilders.

Stacks are usually used during cycles. Steroids stacks can be taken for a certain period of a cycle, then discontinued to make way for another one to be taken. They can also be complemented with another during the same cycle. All these are dependent on the user’s end goal.

To benefit from a cycle, whatever the goal, you must know about anabolic steroids, their use, how each one helps you achieve your aims and what to do after you complete a cycle. You must keep working even when you are off-cycle by getting off-cycle support such as taking a PCT and eating right.


There are several supplements available for athletes to use in bodybuilding but a lot of them are not useful as they do not have any health benefits. There are also those that provide some health benefits but are quite expensive.

The best substances will give you positive results whatever you wish to achieve. Talking to experts on how to choose the best supplements and stacks will help you get the best and avoid buying those that are not useful to you.

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