8 Pros and Cons of traveling to Portugal

For many years Portugal was an undiscovered paradise. But in recent years, it has become one of the most visited countries in Europe. And why not? It is one of the most beautiful and to-be explored countries in Europe. No matter what the season is, this country will never disappoint you. Explore the Algarve Golf Courses and you will immediately come to know. So, make sure to put this place in your bucket list.

We have listed some pros and cons of visiting this beautiful country. Let’s have a look.


  • The ever-beautiful Atlantic Ocean surrounds this country, so you have access to the most beautiful beaches all year round.
  • From history to modern times, this country portrays everything beautifully.
  • If you are a wine lover, this country is sure to satisfy your wine taste palettes.
  • Along with wine, Portugal has many famous desserts to keep you drooling. Be it street-side or exotic restaurants, everyone has something special for you.
  • The country has the best weather all year round. The summer, winter, spring, autumn all seasons are worth visiting. So you can have a vacation any month, anytime.
  • It is not heavy on your pockets. This country is one of the affordable countries where you can spend your Euros on. Be it shopping or sightseeing you can spend leisurely here.
  • Here the luxurious nightlife, hotels, bars are all affordable and provide the ultimate luxury of a European lifestyle. 
  • The waves are best for surfing. So you can have the best time of your life surfing in these waters.


  • It is a bit over-crowded, so you might want to visit the countryside for peace. The cities are bustling with local people.
  • The rainy season gets too wet and the streets get slippery. So visiting during the rainy season can make you sit indoors for most of the time.
  • The local cuisine may not be comfortable for everyone. So maybe doing a little research before the visit can give you a better head start.
  • Living here like a local, without hotels, is not interesting as it is in other European countries. Here staying in a hotel is a better option.
  • The flights can be expensive, and if you are traveling out of Europe you may have to take connecting flights, which can be a bit painful.
  • Portugal is best traveled with a backpack. So if you are a luxury traveler you may explore too little.
  • It is relatively cheaper than in other European countries, but you still have to spend in Euros. So a little off budget might be a problem for some people.
  • Though Portugal is a safe country, beware of mugging. You should note this for your travel safety because there are all types of people everywhere.

Every country has its pros and cons, but here the pros outweigh the cons. So this country is surely a place to visit. The golf courses and the mesmerizing beaches will surely take your breath away and give you one memorable holiday.

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