Top 5 Washing Machine Problems

Washing machines come in different designs. However, there are some frequently occurring issues that are common with all the designs. The following are the top 5 problems that you will experience with any washing machine.

Strange Noises

A rattling noise when the drum is rotating can be as a result of something wedged in the drum. The most common culprits include bra wires and coins. To remove such items, you will need to detach the drum paddles. Moreover, check the drain filter to see if it’s clear.

Also, the strange noises in your washing machine can be as a result of worn or failed bearings. To check if that’s the root cause, turn the drum with your hand when the washing machine is not running. If you notice any rumbling noise or the drum is shaky, consider replacing the bearings.

The Drum Not Turning

There are several factors that can make the drum not to turn. Some of these factors include drive belt issues, faulty control or motor unit, or worn brushes. If that’s the case you should consult a technician to do a full diagnosis—and Jacksonville engineers are experts in such kinds of jobs. 

Water Doesn’t Drain

A faulty drain pump mostly causes this problem, and you should have it replaced immediately. Typically, the drain pump can wear out with time, or hard objects like coins, keys, and bra wires can also damage it. However, you should check the connection between the drain hose and drain pipe to ascertain whether the drain pump is faulty. 

Washing Machine Not Spinning

Spin cycle issues are common problems with washing machines, and the good thing is that they are quite simple and inexpensive to fix. The balance sensors can override the spine cycle when the clothes are not distributed evenly—and this makes the washing machine to vibrate. 

Mostly, this happens when you overload the machine or want a few spin cycles. To solve this problem, try to load the machine with light loads or with few heavy items. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you might have to replace the brushes.

The Soap Drawer is Leaking Water

The common culprits to these issues include high water pressure, blocked drain pipe, excess suds, over-filling, or accumulation of undissolved detergent. Also, a power surge can cause this problem as it can make the motor to malfunction. Some of these issues are easy to solve, while others might require the attention of experienced Jacksonville technicians.

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