College bucket list for the nerdy kid

College is the time when all the pressure of high school is off and you’re away from home taking your first step into adulthood. But adult life hasn’t started yet and you have this time to make precious memories. 

If you have been the nerdy kid through school who doesn’t know much about having fun experiences, we have created a bucket list for you. This will help you do things and risks which normal teenagers take on to get a thrill or simply do because this is the last stage of life in which you can be irresponsible.

Take an extra class 

Did you know that Bill Gates took calligraphy classes in his university time just for fun and only because of that we today have calligraphy in font styles in Microsoft Word. So don’t be hesitant to take a class which you are curious about. You never know if you will end up finding a new major or learn a skill that will help you with your current major. 

Get a Fake id 

Small risks are taken for enjoying the thrill and excitement of doing something wrong. So if you are not 21 years old yet, but want to go to a bar and drink some beer – go and get a fake id. There are a lot of best fake id websites 2019 where you can easily get a fake id. Just don’t go overboard using the fake id.

Attend free events of your college 

Almost all colleges have events that are free for students. Always go to attend them, even if you have studied. It is only at these events where you will get to make memories of college times. Also, students get discounts on restaurants, museums, and even carnivals. Be sure to take advantage of all those discounts because college won’t last forever.

We speak to some of the leading teachers and education counsellors from Colleges in Dubai to create the following list. Nerdy kids that want to make the most out of college experience should pay attention to the following. In addition, it is important to take note of the college itself and the kind of culture and environment it has.

Watch the college theatre or concert 

In college, there are often plays and concerts in which students perform. Always make it a priority to attend them. This makes the performing students gain confidence and in turn, you will also gain some experience of attending these performances. You never know you just might see the performance of the next Taylor Swift from your college. 

Rush a sorority 

I have often seen students rejecting sororities without even giving them a chance. So go rush sororities you never know you just might end up finding a group of like-minded people who will become your adopted family. 

Do extracurricular activities 

Extracurricular in high school looked good on your college application and your college ones will look good on your CV. Almost all extracurricular is designed to make students learn skills that will help them in the cooperate world. 

Participate in campus-wide traditions 

Don’t be that snobby kid and dress up for campus-wide traditions. Even if you’re attending a college that was not your first choice because you represent the college and the college represents you. 

Visit high school friends

In the rush of college life, don’t forget your school friends and visit their campus on a weekend. It will be refreshing and you will be able to connect to them much better. Telling each other college experiences is fun you don’t want to miss out on. 

If you are planning that you will have fun after college, once you have a job then you’re mistaken. Life will never stop giving you challenges and goals but you have to sometimes take a break and enjoy rather than compete and excel. 

So enjoy your time and make memories because this won’t be coming back.

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