Three Tools to Help You Out in your assignments

Assignments allow the students to explore and expand their knowledge based on the relevant subject. Unfortunately, teachers nowadays assign a lot of work to the students without keeping in mind that extra pressure is implemented upon the students which is deteriorating their knowledge of the subject.

While students sort out help from the online tools in releasing the extra pressure implemented on them. Besides it also makes their lives smarter and easier. Today we have discussed the top 3 best tools that are assisting students in their assignments. These are.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Graphing Tools

Graph Plotting Tools are very helpful for a wide range of subjects related to the students. It allows you to plot your data in the form of graphs for math and science work. Besides, it is also very helpful for researchers as it allows them to plot their findings in the form of a graph.

It is one of the best tools for students as it allows them to showcase a large amount of work in a short amount of space in a very summarize and clean way.

The tool supports several types of graphs including the line graph, scatter graphs, venn charts, bar chart, histogram, multiple bar charts, scatter plot, line chart, area chart, spline chart, box or whisker and pie charts. Besides the tool also supports the tally chart.

The online graph plotting tools are very detailed. It allows you to enter your information in the table, later it will pick the data from the table and showcase it in the form of graphs. It works in a very similar way to excel sheet.

You have to give your data in the tables, and in the other window the tool will present you with the graph. It supports different file formats and at the end allows you to import your data in the form of files such as pdf file, PNG file, SVG file or others.

You can also share your graph on social media. It also supports themes and allows you to adjust the background and foreground color of your graph. You can also save your work online. Later re-work on it as and when required.

Source Aggregator

Source Aggregator websites allows you to pick data from the large number of websites available on the internet and present the relevant information on one place so that it is easy for the users to access that data. Source aggregator sites scrap the data based on the specific keywords.

Like you want to research on some science topic that “what is the milky way”? Source aggregator picks the data from all of the resources available on the internet and presents you with very detailed information related to the milky way.

Source Aggregator is very different from the plagiarism. Plagiarism involves using the work of others without any reference. While Source Aggregator presents you with the information in the form of its own words besides it also gives credits to the website or the owner of the websites.

Source Aggregator provides you with useful and high quality content on daily basis by keeping in view your needs. As it is very time consuming and complex if you visit all the sites one by one and collects data from it. Instead Source Aggregator presents you with the information in one place.

A source aggregator allows you to find the relevant content from other sources on one place. Besides it also allows you to build a relationship with other brands or owners in your industry. Rather it is a form of social network that allows you to build relationship with others. Here are some of the benefits of the source aggregator.

  • Simplicity
  • Breadth
  • Customization
  • Wider Reach
  • Less Cost to access data
  • Information ownership
  • Reduce mobilization costs.

Nowadays there are the number of source aggregator tools out in the market which are helping the users to easily collect and share information. Curator.IO is one of the most reliable source aggregators that most websites deploy to fetch content from other websites. Besides, the content created by the curator.IO is most reliable, precise, and accurate to read.

Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing tools allows you to simplify the complex sentences and to make the meaning clearer. In some of the past few years paraphrasing has adopted a wide range of importance as it allows you to reproduce the work of others in your own words without losing the actual meaning.

Different online, offline as well as paraphrasing tool in the form of desktop are available in the market that are assisting students from a variety of perspectives. Such paraphrasing tools allows the students to reproduce the work of others in a very short period of time. Thus saving their time and resources.[i]

In the past few year students have adopted the technique of copy/paste the work of others on a very wide scale and it deteriorates their ability of learning.

Keeping in view this point many world famous institutions and universities started to check the assignments of the students with the intent of catching the plagiarism in it. While the university of duke has implemented punishments upon the act of plagiarism such as fine, temporary suspension, and expulsion from the university while students will also have to face the court of law upon such kind of acts.

Keeping in view such situations, paraphrasing tools came into existence. Paraphrasing tools allows you to copy the work of others in such a way that it appears the personal work of the students. Using different techniques paraphrasing change the context of the text in such a manner that the original meaning remains clear.


We have discussed the top 3 tools that are assisting tools in their assignments. Out of these paraphrasing tool has wide importance as it has a use in all the three tools mentioned above. Besides it makes the work of students easy thus saving their time and resources.

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