Yaroslav Malyi (Machete band): With our songs, we charge the audience with positive energy


The famous musician, songwriter and founder of the Machete band, Yaroslav Malyi, spoke about his nearest plans and shared the secrets of writing hits for the new album.

The new repertoire should become memorable and help the audience to cross their limitations. Simple poetic lines and catchy motives are key to the success of the new album. The lyrics contain a lot of romance, morality and philosophy. At the same time, the tracks should be perceived easily because they were written in a new utterly distant environment.

Since the beginning of the Machete band, their songs have changed dramatically, as have the participants themselves. Now the songwriter reveals topics such as humanity, justice, and the boundaries of love. Fans should have a good first-hand appreciation of the frontman’s work. A long creative break brought many benefits because now the band thinks completely differently. Changes affected each member, and soon, we will be able to hear completely new songs.

Yaroslav Malyi does not hide that he does not always write verses for future songs (https://www.aspirantsg.com/band-machete/), sitting in his office with a notebook and pen, as many authors do. Inspiration can come at any moment, and when this happens, he just goes to the studio, takes a microphone and records his thoughts. Then, together with the band, he edits the text and select music for it. Only teamwork can bear fruit, says Yaroslav. This method is not new because almost all the hits of the band were written in such a way, including the song “Tenderness,” which got almost 34 million views on YouTube.

Also, members of the Machete band do not forget about the importance of high-quality sound. Therefore they are always working on their music. They experiment, combine different styles and create absolutely incredible compositions. A multi-million army of fans will be able to hear completely new tracks that are different from the previous ones very soon. The main song is called “Sky is My Home,” and it is the key to understanding the entire album. Its words can touch every listener, reveal truths and give answers to important questions.

Songwriter and frontman of the Machete band, Yaroslav Malyi, believes that modern people lack quality and meaningful music, and he is ready to provide it. New songs of the band will not have meaningless because they are created as talk to each listener. The frontman believes that the majority of performers are focused on material values, completely forgetting about the spiritual side. They do not even try to develop and better their creative work. This is very sad because the current listener simply has nothing to learn because there is no morality or sense in the lines of the songs.

The producer of the Machete band Mikhail Peleg (https://incredibleplanet.net/mikhail-peleg-talking-about-machetes-new-album/) believes that the multi-million audience of fans loves their songs for their deep meaning. The songs cover topics of love in every form and shape, fidelity, self-realization, trust, and goals in the life of every person.

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