Bata vs Servis – A Close Competition

A regular need that can be costly. Shoes are a big part of one’s attire, with a regular need for change as well. It is probably one part of the attire that tends to wear out as shoe care isn’t always a consideration given the pace of life.

The brands making shoes are many, but brands that are making shoes at a very nominal rate yet keeping their quality and design in check are few. One of the first names that come to mind is Bata.

Bata is an international brand with a reputation that is taintless. The brand produces top quality shoes and is current with the designs of the different eras it has been around for. The range is full, with shoes for all different ages and occasions.

From formal to sports footwear, Bata stocks nearly everything. Tomáš Baťa made sure that the brand is not just making good shoes but is creating a healthy work environment. In light of this Bata makes small towns near their factories to provide for their employees. One such town also exists in Pakistan, called Batapur. Bata is one of the top 5 producers and retailers of shoes in the world.

One would imagine that a company such as Bata would be difficult to compete with and that may be true to a great degree, but still, they have competition in Pakistan. The brand that is running alongside them and has been for decades is Servis.

Furnishing a similar amount of categories, also with a great focus around their quality and design. To this end, Servis has installed machines from Italy and Germany. These machines enable them to produce products that compete with an international brand that is many times its size as a whole. Don’t forget to browse servis shoe collection online here.

Even as far as company culture goes, Servis is also known for being a great brand to work with. Again with the creator, Chaudhry Mohammad Said, having set the tone for such. The fact that they have retained employees for decades is a testament to their care for the ones who take the brand forward.

The local market is essentially divided between these two brands. Especially since they stock a very large variety of shoes, so if one can’t deliver the other surely will. The fact that these brands are producing products of high quality at very affordable prices makes them win out over the many others.

Every shopper is looking for value on their money. Nothing can feed that need like a product that is affordable and yet of good quality. A competition may be between Servis and Bata, but a very close one!

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