Makeup Myths We All Thought Were True at Some Point

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People who love makeup and beauty products know very well that when you’re first getting started with makeup, you learn certain rules, both official and unwritten, that you’re supposed to follow if you want to have your makeup flawless at all times. But these things turned out to not be 100% true, so even though this will break some hearts, here is the truth about the things we were all taught by our favorite makeup YouTubers and bloggers:

Low-quality makeup makes you break out

Yes, and so does high-quality makeup and medium-quality makeup and any sort of makeup if you don’t take it off. The makeup itself is never the issue. Unless you’re using expired, vintage or untested makeup, you will be fine with any kind of makeup – for a day. Before you go to sleep, you need to wash it all off, and here’s why: during the day, our skin is working hard to protect itself from everything ranging from the sun to the tiny specs of our polluted air. So when you get home and go to bed, it can finally relax and it enters the recovery stage, lowering its defenses. So if you leave all of the makeup on – plus all the gunk that has collected on top of it during the day – that is when you risk all of that getting into your pores and causing you to break out. It has nothing to do with the makeup, just the way you use it.

You can swap out primer and moisturizer

When a lot of us are starting out with makeup, we don’t have all the proper equipment, so we all really want to hear that we don’t need to buy an expensive primer if we could just use our regular moisturizer to do the job. Unfortunately, this isn’t 100% true, because the two items just don’t have the same ingredients or the same purpose. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have great makeup without a primer, you just won’t get the benefits that a primer provides, like the longevity of the makeup or prevention of oils coming to the surface. On the other hand, you can also find perfect makeup online in Australia that you know is made to last through that humid and hot weather even without a primer. So if you’re only doing makeup once in a while for fun, you’re fine – and certainly apply your moisturizer so it keeps your skin hydrated. But if you like wearing a full face of makeup daily and you want to make sure it stays put – invest in a good primer.

You can’t do multiple powerful features

You want to do a strong, colorful eye and a dark lip – no way, you’ll look like a clown! Ummm, no you won’t. This is such an antique rule that is literally preventing you from being creative and finding looks that work for you. If you want to go for several strong features, you absolutely can.

You can’t get quality treatments at home

Sure, you can put on a little face mask and call it a pampering session or boil a bucket of water and steam your face, but for the real procedures that make a difference, you have to go to the beautician – right? Not exactly. With the different tech available today, you can have all the benefits without the costs. Sure, you won’t have the experience of someone else pampering you and you’ll have to do it yourself, but you can find at-home versions of microneedling sets, facials and all kinds of apparatuses you could previously only find in a professional setting. Of course, you shouldn’t experiment and just go wild on your skin with no training or information, so make sure you’re ready to do it before you commit.

Good and bad makeup is really all about taste and it’s so personal for every one of us. So the rules that you really should stick to are mostly the ones that are said with hygiene and health in mind. But everything else that has something to do with selling products to you or telling you what’s on-trend and what is passé can just come in through one ear and go straight out the other.

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