Most common dental issues for teens and how to deal with them

Dental Issues

Unfortunately, teenagers are not excused from having dental issues even with their young age. Actually, certain dental problems are the most common during this period in life, which is why it’s crucial that both teens and their parents pay special attention to the teens’ oral health and overall oral hygiene. Keep in mind the following dental issues as they could also affect a teen in your life.

1. Gingivitis

Many people believe that gum issues only affect adults, but the fact of the matter is that teenagers can also suffer from gingivitis, which is a milder form of periodontal disease. However, redness, swelling, itching, and bleeding in the gums can also lead to tooth loss and decay if left untreated, and can even have lingering effects once the teen becomes an adult. It seems that the main issue lies within the hormonal changes that teenagers, and especially girls, experience during puberty. That said, it’s crucial that you encourage your teenager to practice regular teeth brushing and flossing.

2. Cavities

Cavities are a very common dental issue among teens, primarily because their diet is filled with sugars and carbs. After all, this is the time when most teens can eat whatever they want without feeling the real consequences immediately. But, even though the teenager’s body might be able to process all of these unhealthy foods, the teeth are prone to issues. Sugar and acid in the mouth can easily cause cavities, especially if the teen does not practice regular oral hygiene. Keep in mind that what goes in is not the only problem. Eating disorders are sadly very common among teens and these can cause serious dental issues too, among other health problems.

3. The issue of wisdom teeth

Some people get their wisdom teeth later in life, but some get them in their teen years. If your teenager’s wisdom teeth start coming out, they might need to remove them surgically to prevent crowding, infections, and a plethora of other dental problems associated with improper wisdom teeth growth. Crowding is not just an aesthetical issue but can lead to serious tooth decay. Keep in mind that just in Australia, 10% of teens had 5-8 permanent teeth affected by decay, which is 4.5 times the national average. This is why it’s crucial that you find a renowned dentist in Bondi Junction, or your closest area, where the teen would be able to visit easily, stress-free, and with no trust issues.

4. Sports-related mouth trauma

Teens often use their free time to engage in their favorite hobbies, and it’s not uncommon for this period in life for those hobbies to include plenty of high-contact sports. Obviously, this means that your teen is at a higher risk of suffering from a sports injury such as mouth trauma. It would be best to discuss this issue with your trustworthy dentist so that they can recommend and maybe even order a custom-made sports mouth guard for your teen for added protection.

5. Braces might be necessary

It would be ideal if parents could pinpoint teeth issues in their kids from an early age, but the need for braces becomes more apparent in the pre-teen and teen years. It might be difficult for a teen to accept braces, but there are so many different options available these days aside from traditional metal braces such as tooth-colored plastic or ceramic braces, and removable clear retainers that might be more acceptable for a teen. Teeth realigning, bite correction, and so on are all issues that can soon cause a lot more health issues aside from the aesthetics, which is why it’s crucial to deal with it sooner than later.

Teenagers might feel like the world is their stage and that nothing can go wrong but this is where you, as a parent, need to act. Don’t push your teenage kids in a reprimanding manner; you want to openly and calmly discuss the question of dental health with them and encourage them to take this aspect of their well-being seriously.

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