How to Handle Long Lines At The Stores And Keep Customers Happy?

Having long queues at cash register is a dream for many but the store owners who have long queues at their stores aren’t happy either because it is important to handle those long lines with ease and provide them a happy service.

As a customer you may have stood in those long lines and you know how hard it is to wait for a long time just to get billed right! And as a store owner if you are on the other side of the counter dealing with rude customers, ramming the invoices, collecting the cash and handling so many other works and trying to provide customers with the best service and help them to get out of the queue as soon as possible.

It is important for you to keep the customers happy even though they are in the long lines.

Get More POS Hardware and Man Power

Well, this is the first thing you have to do if you want to provide better customer service. The POS software available in the market can scale as per the business so there is no need to invest in it but you have to get new hardware and should appoint employees to handle the cash register too. This is an important aspect and you have to be extremely careful about it.

There is no need for you to build another checkout line. You just have to add mobile point of service as the latest POS Softwareare capable of working on any device with internet connection. This way you will save up some money and place in your store.

Add Special Stations for Other Processes

The billing of sales process is extremely easy and can be done in few minutes but there are some other complex issues that will take up more time. For example exchange of a product will take more time and this will surely holds up the line for more time. So build  a station that handles the complex processes like exchanging, loyalty card signing, special orders and refunds.

Try and Reduce Boredom of Customers in Line

Standing in a queue for some time may be boring and frustrating for the customers. So in order to kill their boredom, you can add some small racks near the queue. You can add some of the irresistible items like chocolates, headphones, socks, etc. The price of these items will be low and there are high chances that the customers may make an impulse purchase. This will kill their boredom and you will get more business- a win-win situation for both you and your customer.

Backup Plan is Important

There are certain times when one slow customer holds up the line for a long time. It may the declination of card, or searching for some coupons or loyalty cards, either way the entire queue will be affected because of these kind of customers. So keep an eye on such situations and take the customer to another cash register or solve the problem on your own so that customer won’t feel like he has been taken for granted.

The portal POS softwarewill come in handy in these situations. And the personal touch that you add in order to provide customer will best service will take you a long way.

Usage of Right Technology

The type of POS softwarethat you choose has a great impact on your ability to bust through these long queues quickly. You should be careful while entering the inventory into your software and the staff who will be working at cash registers must have a clear idea about this inventory. This will help them in processing the purchases quickly which will eventually reduce the long lines.

Reliability plays a major role when it comes to choosing POS software.Select a software that is intuitive and has easy to use interface as well as capable of streamlining all the processes. Make sure it can be integrated with your inventory management software to maintain the stock easily.

You have to spend some time and amount in training your employees to use the POS software.If they aren’t properly trained about these things, they won’t be able to work on the software easily. So the training is very important and you cannot neglect it under any circumstance.

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