Bayley Undergoes a Massive Character Change Following Title Loss

One of the most prominent WWE News that is surfacing the internet is the new change of character of Bayley. The WWE superstar from the Women’s division of the Blue Brand of the WWE underwent a massive character change on the 11 October episode of WWE Smackdown. The same episode was when WWE Smackdown moved to the Fox Network and a Draft of superstars followed. However, the change of character had already taken place way back for Bayley but the version Bayley which appeared on the 11 October 2019 episode of Smackdown was completely different and surprising for the WWE Universe.

One of the best superstars housed on the Smackdown division of WWE, Bayley appeared after a loss to Charlotte at Hell in a Cell where her WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship was on the line and took every single person in the arena by surprise. What the fans expected was the same version of Bayley who was a fun-loving girl, but all of that image was shattered completely as Bayley took her time in attacking her Bayley buddies at the entrance of the ring. It was her rematch occasion when she was called out by the then WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and she had responded immediately — in a completely different way.

Bayley went ahead to face Charlotte and reclaim her title after defeating Charlotte Flair by pinfall, but what she said after that made everyone believe that the character change of Bayley is massive and is going to stay for long — like that of Seth Rollins when he had attacked the Shield. Bayley had decided to keep her mouth shut when her friend and former tag team partner Sasha Banks and attacked her other friend Becky Lynch on her return on the 12 August episode of WWE Raw. However three weeks late, she herself attacked Becky Lynch with a chair after she reunited with Sasha Banks.

That was the first instance when we saw Bayley changing character, and it was not a one time attack. In the process of undergoing a massive change of character, Bayley has attacked all of her good friends in WWE except for Sasha Banks. It includes Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Carmella, who came to the aid of Becky Lynch on an episode of Smackdown. With the ponytail gone and arrogance in her tone, Bayley looks like she is more focussed as she won’t be hugging the buddies around and for sure she won’t care if the audience would boo her — she has faced it in Toronto already and it is going to be a norm for her.

While Bayley has been one of the most dynamic superstars the Women’s division of WWE has, she is left with almost no competitor to face on Smackdown except for Sasha Banks which is not happening at least recently. Also, with Carmella, Charlotte and Becky all on the Red brand now, Bayley won’t have a business with them except at the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

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