6 Things To Have In Backpack For Winter Camping

Winter is a time for vacation, you can either spend your vacation in your bedroom surrounding yourself with comfort confinements or you can go camping and embrace the cold, the cold can be cruel but the good experiences becomes ingrained as a good memory forever.

You can go camping in many states and national parks, as well as at private backyards. Camping has become one of the most loved adventures among today’s youth and solo camping is something which helps you find some personal space away from everyone and everything.

Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure especially for camping as you will be spending not just the day but the night as well somewhere in nature unlike your life at home or at any hotel. If you carry the necessary supplies and equipment with you it can make a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience especially for winter camping you have to be extra prepared.

Checklists are a great way to help with organising essential and needful items to carry for your perfect camping experience. camping lists varies according to the type of camping and activities you are planning to indulge with, the places you are going, the time of year and the duration of your trip. Camping may sound as joyful adventure but it’s a lot of hard work at first, for your winter camping you have to make sure that you are prepared to save yourself from the freezing temperatures. You are guaranteed to make lasting memories with the family, enjoy lots of laughs with the pals, and get plenty of outdoor time for kids.

Just be prepared to bid good bye to your beloved internet and have some me or us time as cold places usually the mountains will keep you disconnecting from the internet, in turn from the world. So that you can have fun in winter without facing any drawbacks and we are hereThe right tent to be compatible with the location and its circumstances:

Your tents and the spot where you are willing to spend a couple of days are the most crucial decision and should be chosen accordingly. The tent you will choose is going to be your shelter as there will be no brick builds home to protect you from whatever be the circumstances, which, in winter, can be very extreme and especially at hilly areas as there will be a sunny moment and heavy rain any moment.

Your tent should be capable of saving you from the freezing temperatures, you can also carry sleeping bag for cold weather, believe us there is not going to be anything than getting into a snoring, warm sleeping bag after an exhausting day of slogging around for various adventurous activities. You can find various sleeping bags for mild winter outings to extreme weather conditions as per your needs. An insulated sleeping bag will be an addition and extraordinary comfort to your camping adventure as it keeps you prevented from the freezing ground during winters.

1. Thing that will keep you warm throughout:

Carry the essential clothing in your backpack depending on the weather, normal jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters and shawls are fine for the cold weather. But if you are planning to camp in snowy areas it is highly recommended that you carry woollen cloths – be it long winter jackets, woollen socks to keep your legs warm, hats and caps to cover your head, warmers, sweaters and blankets with you.

Carry shoes with good grip to keep you walking in the snow. And tent heater are another important thing which you must pack your backpack, as you never know whether the carried clothing will be enough to keep you safe and warm, also on hilly areas the weather keeps on changing drastically. If you are planning an adventure in snowy areas get yourself perfect snow shoes, ski boots or mountaineering boots to keep at your grip during the adventure.

2. Stuff to keep you hunger free:

During winters the weather can be good and equally bad, and in case it is bad you obviously do not have a choice as your health is something which cannot be put at risk. In case the weather is bad you might would not want to live your tent for a while and you also might not find anything to eat. So it is recommended that you carry utensils, cookware – preferably tiny stoves which are much lighter in weight with the stuff to cook and eat quickly or instant food items. So that you can get boiled water whenever you want, cook instant food or have a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Plan your food as per the meals you will consume while camping plus snacks and beverages for a convenient and worry free stay. Also keep a water bottle having enough water to get you through until you get to refill it.

As a contingency plan, make sure that you have ready to hot water ready to eat food like Maggi.

3. The Safety kit:

You should carry headlamps, torches with you so that in case there is no electricity connectivity to your tent you can see in the dark. Especially if there is anything happens to your tent, you can fix it and do not suffer in the cold as in winters the days are shorter and the nights are longer.

Also carry the extra batteries to keep to be able to see and be safe during the dark hours of the day. Another important thing is to keep a first aid box in your backpack – basic first aid solution for minor injuries, band-aid, tablets for stomach and cold allergies, fever and headache medicines can also be kept with the regular medicines if any. Solutions or powders to drink in case of dehydration. 


4. Things that do not require internet:

You might not find internet connectivity in some areas and probably your gadgets battery might get drain too but you cannot stop moving, right! So carry navigation maps, GPS in addition to your smart gadgets.

In winter it can be difficult to find the locations and landmarks due to fog, snow and even rains so always check and recheck your path with the GPS as well as the handheld maps. Also carry something to read be it books, novels and magazines etc. As there might be times when the weather is pretty but not recommended for outing then only a good read will be able to rescue you.

5. Camping Knives

Winter or no winter, carrying camping knives comes in handy in more ways than you can imagine, you don’t have to carry a huge machete, just carry a sharp knife that is handy.

A camping knife is useful to install your tent, cutting hindrances along the way you may come across, that’s the least, more importantly you will find it useful for fishing, hunting and surviving in the woods.

6. Snow Goggles

As for someone who has gone to a winter backpacking solo trip, who doubled guessed while keeping snow goggles in the backpack, I can assure you that you need snow goggles, no you can’t settle with the usual goggles, if you’re actually going to a snowy place like Alaska and the likes.

The snow storm can show up out of nowhere, the first thing you would want to protect is your sight, it will also keep your eyes concealed against the snow & it will keep your eyes warm.

So there you have it, 6 Must Carry things in your backpack for Winter Camping, have a great winter backpacking experience.

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