Pros and Cons of Becoming a Health Educator

Every profession and sector has its own distinct pros and cons. Similarly, as a health educator, you are most likely to experience the numerous advantages as well as disadvantages of this field. 

Let us help you have a look at both before you get enrolled in this degree program at Global Health Education


Let us go through the major advantages of this field first. 

Exceptional Job Growth 

A health educator is basically the one who is responsible to aware people about a certain healthcare situation or problem. That is the reason why he is considered an important person in a community. According to a survey, this sector is going to experience a 19% growth in ten years’ time.

Impact On Other People’s Life

The role and responsibilities of a health educator leave a direct impact on the lives of the people living in a community. He not only educates them but also makes arrangements for them to receive proper healthcare services. This is something that is rarely observed in any other profession.

Higher Than The Average Salary

Health educator salary is among the most cherished advantages of this field. Even though it does no justice to the amount of effort that he does for his community, the salary still tempts people to join in. 

Interactive Working Environment 

If you are an extrovert and have strong interactive abilities, this is a dream job for you. You are definitely going to enjoy every bit of it. Interacting and communicating with beings belonging to all spheres of life will surely give you a different sort of job satisfaction. 

Interesting Job Activities

If you are someone who never really enjoys a typical 9 to 5 office work routine, this job will never let you lose interest. From research to planning, implementing, evaluating and working, you are going to taste it all in this profession. 


Apart from all the above-discussed advantages, there are some major disadvantages to this career. They are listed here in detail.

Odd Working Schedule

As a healthcare educator, you can expect to work even after completing your duty hours. You may also be asked to work on weekends or even after midnight in case of an emergency situation. This is not as easy as it may seem.

Diversity of Individuals

Teamwork is the backbone of every field. Effective teamwork can actually make wonders happen. That is why a health educator needs to bring the diversity of individuals on the same line of the same page. This doubles his credibility in this profession. 

Certifications and Short Courses Required for Growth 

In view of the rapid growth and research of this profession, an educator may be asked to go for certifications and short courses every then and now. It means that you are always going to be in a quest of learning more and more.

Private Life Is Greatly Compromised

The traveling, planning and other such nerve straining aspects of this career make you make a lot of compromises on your quality time with friends and family.

Final Words:

Finding a field that does not have any cons is impossible. It is, therefore, your capability and credibility that makes you find an equilibrium in whatever profession you choose. Stay strong, focused and dedicated. This is it!

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