An Expert’s Point on Videos that Get the Most Youtube Views

Experts are opinion leaders, trusted and followed. What is much more important, people love to buy from experts and it’s not just about ads. Their videos score many views on YouTube and other video hosting platforms as well, they always look stunning and the things they say are usually helpful and informative. If you follow closely, then you would see that YouTube experts have a completely different approach towards the video shooting process.

For example, we can talk about two of the most famous tech YouTubers, Marques Brownlee and Lewis Hilsenteger. Both of them are experts in their respective fields. But both of them are unique and not the same. And that’s the reason why, their video shooting methods as well as techniques are very different.

While the former tries to shoot outdoors, and that everything in 8K, the latter is fond of indoor shooting mixed with a lot of sarcastic comments. But as we discussed, both of them are experts and their approach is different towards their work. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that one of them is wrong. In fact they themselves are great friends.  But the fact over which I am trying to focus is that an expert’s point of view towards creating YouTube videos is completely different from a beginner’s point of view of creating YouTube videos. And as it stands, one should look forward to experts for their experience and the way they shoot videos.

Why should you get to know an expert’s point of view? To learn from their experience and to make your videos get YouTube views as many as their ones. Pssst… there’s a secret. People buy YouTube views, and so many experts and popular bloggers do. We’ll speak about it further, but now let’s have a close look at videos with the expert’s eyes.

An expert’s view of YouTube videos

Well if you can create a career out of this video sharing as well as posting platform, then it’s quite true that you will have to damn serious as well as careful about your job. In order to get more YouTube views, you will first have to decide on a niche over which you can easily create high quality content. Look it’s pretty simple and not rocket science that you will have to go with a topic which is popular as well as in the trend. Then only you will be able to reach out to the maximum number of viewers, because you will succeed in provoking interest from their side.

If you choose a niche which is quite absurd, out of trend and not preferred by many, then you will have to settle with minimal number of views, likes and comments.

It’s quite sad, but if you are not careful at the beginning, then it will turn out to be true.

Other than the niche, it’s important that you stick to the main point while you are shooting the video, and not go in rounds. Be straight and don’t make the videos too long. If they are long, then it’s pretty obvious that people will either skip some portions of it, or skip the whole video!

The duration of the video does play a psychological game, as viewers decide to watch a video on the basis of that. If it happens to sit between the normal range, as well succeeds in conveying the desired text, then not just a handful of users, but millions will come towards your channel and content.

Moving ahead, promoting your videos over social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., will also play a major role in getting a great number of YouTube views. Social media handles will allow you to share the thumbnail of your video over your wall.

And you can also post the link of your video just below that photo. And when you will post that link, viewers as well as your fan base will be directed towards your YouTube profile. Social media has millions of users and therefore an overflow of fans can also happen. And when it happens, there will not be a shortage of YouTube views.

Even the branding strategies have to be strong and impactful. The first impression of your work should be a long lasting and effective one. Then only you will be able to last for a longer period of time. Your business card should be very creative and whenever you hand it over to someone, there should be a professional touch to it, and it should conquer the mind of that person!


These are some of the essential factors which affect the number of YouTube views you get. And even from an expert’s point of view, these factors will play an important role. We will give a more detailed view on it on the next article, so stay tuned to our experts and start creating and showing your first videos to the world. The competition is getting higher and higher yearly, so you will get a lot of views on YouTube if you start today!

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