All About California Cannabis

Cannabis that is grown in California is known to be of a higher quality with good reason. The arid and hot California climate is perfect for growing cannabis that is clean, potent and perfect for a huge range of different users.

Lowell Farms California Cannabis

Lowell Farms is one of the premier artisanal cannabis growers and distributors in California and they offer a huge range of high quality products for all users and users of all experience levels. Lowell Farms grows and sells only the finest cannabis and cannabis products and they do have a product for nearly everyone. The cannabis grown at Lowell Farms is organically and sustainably grown to offer the best overall product and the most ethical and safe means of growing possible.

Lowell Farms cannabis is free of chemicals, solvents and fertilizers so that the final product is purer and safer than many other cannabis products on the market. Lowell Farms grows and sells a huge range of cannabis strains like the Hybrid GG4, Sativa Rolls Choice, Indica Hell’s Fire and so much more. They have plenty of blends that are house blend that are formulated by the experts to get the best overall experience possible. They also offer virgin cold pressed cannabis oil, pre-rolls that are all flower, no filler, and cannabis vape oil as well.

On top of all of that, Lowell Farms can also bring a cannabis bar to your special event. They have catered events like the wedding of R&B star Miguel, even creating a special blend just for his wedding guests to enjoy. Lowell Farms offers the best California cannabis on the market and they strive to create new products that are going to impress even the most seasoned cannabis users. Lowell Farms is in hundreds of dispensaries around the great state of California and they also deliver cannabis products right to your door. If you are looking for high quality cannabis and cannabis products, Lowell Farms has you covered with hundreds of fantastic products to choose from that are sure to suit any needs.

Lowell Farms Cannabis Café

Later this month, September 24th, 2019 to be exact, the first ever legal cannabis café in the country will be opening its doors. Lowell Farms rose to the call to create the first ever cannabis café that will serve both cannabis and cannabis products as well as world class cuisine. The café is actually two business in one, the restaurant and a cannabis lounge and retail location. The two are joined but separated by a kitchen that will serve both sides and will help customers feel welcomed and relaxed.

The café will serve world class food prepared under the expert hand of Chef Andrea Drummer and the lounge will feature cannabis products that have been grown organically by Lowell Farms. The West Hollywood café is already drawing the attention of celebrities and a-list clients alike and will also feature some very unique accoutrements. The café will have a dab bar where experienced users can experience more potent cannabis or can try out new strains that they may not be familiar with. The lounge will sell cannabis for smoking as well as cannabis oil for vaping and cannabis edibles that are made from the organic cannabis that is grown at Lowell Farms in sunny California. Lowell Farms rose to fame in 2017 with their cannabis flower crown at Coachella and they have not stopped growing since. They strive to produce the finest cannabis and cannabis products so that you can get the experience you want each and every time.

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