Aware Of ‘Hoax’ and ‘Fake News’ On Instagram

Instagram is, no doubt, one of the biggest and the most popular Social Media platforms in recent times. People these days are more eager to know about how to buy instagram followers than anything else. Likes and followers are flooding in millions every single day, and people are almost taking it as something superlative. No problems on that, but only when fake news and hoax start to spread like wildfire, it is a problem.

With Facebook and WhatsApp leading the chart of holding the maximum amount of spread of fake news, it looks like Instagram wants to come in the race. It all started with a paragraph of false news that has been widely circulated even by top professionals. 

We have learned from artists and celebrities that the post seemed so legit that they could not stop sharing it. However, spokesperson Stephanie Otway from Facebook checked out the post and declared the post to be false, CBS News reported. Read more at Charlotte Observer.

The hoax was all about a fake notice that has come from the authority of Instagram, on whose protest the fake news circulation started. 

Mixed with a lot of typing mistakes and punctuation errors, one could have easily understood about the illegitimacy of the post. So, what was there in the post?

The widely circulated and believed post contained long-form writing, which allegedly wanted to aware Instagram users regarding a drastic change in its ‘Privacy Policy.’ It said that due to changes in the said policies regarding one’s privacy, Instagram would henceforth start to make every detail of its users publicly open. It includes pictures that are against community guidelines, deleted messages, posts, and what not!

To make the post look real, there were tagged names of ‘Channel 13 News’ and the ‘Rome Statute.’ To raise awareness and to stop Instagram from taking this step, the post requested everyone to copy-paste this on respective profiles.

So, do you think Instagram is all about hoaxes? No, it is not so.

  • Instagram Boosts Your Online Presence

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  • Instagram Makes You Work Smarter

Instead of spending energy for doing marketing roaming in the roads, you can just opt for Instagram and finish doing the same easily. To be a hero in the Instagram game, all that you need to do is to buy Instagram likes to get credibility.

Always remember to be aware of what you read and judge if it is true or false, instead of believing everything on the Social Media.

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