3 Best Educational Resources For College Freshman

There are tons of educational resources available to college freshmen. In the past, these resources were not easily accessible and convenient. Today, online resources make learning easier and more interesting. You can find videos, quizzes, games, and written materials to help you as a freshman. Recently, technological advancements have made it possible for students to visit landmarks without being physically present through Virtual Reality. The experts at 123termpapers.com recommend using unconventional educational resources since they stimulate the mind. However, each student is different, and the best-suited resources differ as well. Still, there are some universal tools that can apply to most freshmen. 

As a college student, there are free and paid resources online. This article will cover three best educational resources for the college freshman. They include:

  1. Grammarly

This web app is a must-have for college freshmen. It can be used to fix misspelled words, confused similar sounding words, awkward phrasing, punctuation errors, and even grammatical errors. The tool is completely automated and doesn’t require an external proofreader. It also has a plagiarism checker, but that is a paid feature.

Grammarly gives your writing a more professional touch. It also saves time while writing essays since you don’t have to send it to a proofreader. The tool teaches you about some common grammar mistakes and how to fix them. Most of these features are free to use, so it is ideal for this purpose.

  • Hemingway App

Hemingway App is also a web app, but it works in a different way. The tool is also a text checker, but it doesn’t only focus on grammar. It trims down your texts and streamlines them. It also detects complex phrases and long sentences that may be too difficult to understand. Hemingway App also spots unnecessary use of adverb, passive voice, and other similar phrases.

The tool is easy to use and has a minimalistic and clean interface. It has instructions to help you correct every kind of error. The different color codes help show you which error you’re making. It is a great learning tool which may help you strive for perfection in terms of essay writing and school assignments.

  • Open Culture

This tool is a non-profit project that provides resources for students. The information here can be used for personal development as well as research projects. On Open Culture, you can find literature works, a large collection of free lectures, audiobooks, and language lessons. The site also has Massive Open Online Courses from top universities and come with certificates. There are textbooks and cultural studies movies as well, among other things.

The online resource is suitable for students and anyone who wants to learn. The content on the website does not only cover research for school projects but also encompasses other tools to build your intellect. You can find out about world history, literary characters, and wars. It also has writing tips for college students.


Today, it is possible to go on virtual field trips without buying flight tickets. Explanatory videos and animations are also available for e-learning. One great benefit of Internet technology is its accessibility. Everyone can access educational resources from the comfort of their homes.

Although there are several other educational resources for college freshmen, this article mentions three of the most important educational resources for college freshmen. Learning tools that save you time while writing your essays and a site for research and self-development would be of great help in your freshman year in college. These websites mentioned above can come in handy as you settle into your new life in college. You can advance your knowledge while easing the process of writing papers for school.

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