When signer authentication matters.


With Adobe Sign, you get everything you wish to accommodates a variety of signer authentication and document validation necessities. for many transactions, a typical e-signature is enough. It are often echt mistreatment one or a lot of factors like email, text message, or secret. alternative transactions need a lot of advanced varieties of authentication. after you use digital signatures, every signer is issued a certificate-based digital ID by a trusty Certificate Authority (CA), and sign language is backed by public key infrastructure (PKI) technology.

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Meet the world’s 1st open, cloud-based digital signatures.

With half dozen billion signature transactions a year, we have a tendency to area unit the undisputed leader in secure digital documents. we have a tendency to fictional PDF. we have a tendency to drove the primary open standards for digital signatures. And we’re setting world standards once more for digital sign language mistreatment mobile devices and therefore the net with the Cloud Signature association. Our real-world solutions allow you to work with high-assurance digital IDs that area unit simple to use, simple to deploy, and internationally compliant.

Ultimate compliance.

Adobe Sign is unambiguously designed to support the foremost exigent electronic signature laws and industry-specific rules.

Open and world.

Our standards-based approach provides you everything you wish to try and do business confidently reception and abroad.

Unrivaled flexibility.

With Adobe Sign, you’ll use digital signatures, e-signatures, or a mixture of the 2 per your specific desires.

We support the broadest vary of legal necessities.

Whether you are doing business within the EU, produce medical devices regulated by the bureau, or got to meet specific necessities for any trade — Adobe Sign has you lined. Digital signature processes in Adobe Sign accommodates the U.S. bureau twenty one CFR half eleven. They support rigorous necessities like Advanced (AdES) and Qualified (QES) Electronic Signatures within the EU’s eIDAS regulation. and that they offer comprehensive support for operating with licensed certificate authorities (CAs) and qualified signature creation devices (QSCDs).

You can choose between many certificate authorities.

Adobe’s standards-based approach provides you the liberty to settle on from many trusty certificate authorities, therefore you’ll accommodates the laws or rules governing your specific country or trade. With Adobe Sign, documents are often digitally signed, time sealed, and valid mistreatment EU trusty Lists (EUTLs) or the world Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) to make sure compliance.

Get compliance and adaptability in an exceedingly single answer.

Whether you wish the multifactor authentication that our e-signature method provides — or the a lot of rigorous certificate-based authentication that comes with our digital signature method — you’ll have it all. And you’ll even mix e-signatures and digital signatures within the same advancement. One e-signature and digital signature answer, most flexibility — Adobe Sign.

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A good way of describing PKI fundamentals and how the public and private keys of a PKI work is the “lockbox analogy.” Imagine Bob has a three-position lockbox, which locks to the left and also locks to the right, and only in the center position is it unlocked. The lockbox has two keys, Left Key (which can only turn to the left) and Right Key (which can only turn to the right). So if the box is in the left-locked position, only the Right Key can open it at intertrust.com.

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