The Power of Flexible: Yoga Online Through Glo Releases It

Yoga is one of the best methods to practice if you want to stay flexible. Staying flexible means you may avoid some injuries and remain comfortably mobile. Glo is a site that offers yoga online courses that cover stretching to strength. Stretching and flexibility is an area of exercise that is often overlooked, but being nimble means you will have an easier time getting off the floor, out of a chair, or bed. If you fall or trip, having flexible joints may mean you can catch yourself easier, which could save you from broken bones or painful bruises. Younger bodies are known to be much more flexible, so keep yourself as young as possible by staying agile.


Glo has made keeping mobile and moving easier with its yoga online system. Anyone can use the videos free during their initial trial period. After that, Glo offers a low monthly subscription rate, and you are not locked into any contract. You can cancel at any time without penalty. The company has put together a vast collection of a variety of yoga and meditation videos. An example of the styles you can watch and learn are Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin. Some of the collections focus specifically on loosening up rigid muscles, joints, and tendons.


It is important as we age to keep the hip muscles healthy and flexible. If you sit at a desk all day, the muscles on the front of your legs will become tight and pull on your hips. Glo has worked with instructor Miss Carpenter to create a hip opener yoga online class. It is a steady and mindful class that will stretch and length down the front, back, and sides of the hip joint. Runners may also enjoy the relaxing movements and the benefits of having open and flexible hip tendons.

Lower Back

For a long slow release of the lower back, hip sockets, and pelvic area, Glo’s supine class will do the trick. The course is over one hour long, and during it, you will learn how to coordinate your breath with the movement to increase blood flow, relaxation, and flexibility. The benefits of being able to take this and the other yoga online classes is you can do them when you have enough time. For many people, it is hard to find a quiet hour to workout, but when you can fit it into your schedule and do not have to travel anywhere to accomplish it, you will get to perform the routine more often.


If you have an office job or work at a keyboard all day, your neck and shoulders can become stiff. Instructor Tomasko will walk you through a yoga releasing class for your upper body, neck, and shoulders. These are the areas that can hold a lot of tension, but with proper instruction and a little practice, you can learn to let go. This yoga online class is 20 minutes and will get fluid, air, and space moving into tight bodies, and at the end of the class, you will be rewarded with a peaceful time out.


For a full body release, Glo and instructor Tomasko come together again to give you the yin workout. It is a series of gentle poses that you hold until your body releases. The class is at an unhurried pace. You can truly unwind, stretch out, and relax. This yin class takes 90 minutes to complete, so if you have a quiet evening or a long weekend, you can enjoy it. The slower pace will bring down your mind after a busy day or week, and your body will benefit from the soft attention.


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