Rubbish Removal Hacks to Make Moving Day Go More Smoothly

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and those who have moved before can attest to that. You have to sort through everything, start packing, not to mention all the rubbish clearance you have to deal with. In a moment of frustration, most of us end up taking improper actions towards rubbish removal. These actions don’t serve us, or the people around well. The best way to make the entire process less stressful is to reduce the amount of waste created. Here’s how:

Make a Checklist

The process of moving house entails a lot of things. That’s why you need to make a to-do list to ensure nothing gets forgotten. Your list should include things to do and the timeline to complete them. You also need a list of things you no longer need. Knowing what to get rid of and what to pack helps in budgeting for the necessary services. For instance, you’ll be able to determine the size of bee bag that will be enough for rubbish removal.

De-Clutter Early

There’s no need to transport things you’ll end up throwing when you get to your new house. For that reason, it’s best to start decluttering as early as possible. Sort through everything and clear any unwanted stuff. You can arrange a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items that are still in good shape. Alternatively, you can sell them online or donate them to charity. The more you minimise clutter, the easier it will be to pack.

Start Packing Early

You can make packing easier with a little planning. Start packing the minute you know you’ll be moving. Start with the items you’re less likely to need till you get to the new house. For instance, if it’s summer, start packing your winter wardrobe. Be sure to label all boxes according to the room and the box’s contents. By packing early on, you’ll uncover plenty of junk that you want to be removed. A two-week head start will give you plenty of time to plan for rubbish removal.

Get Help

We’ve already determined that you can save some time and money by packing ahead of time. But doing it all alone can be a bit overwhelming. In that case, enlist the help of friends and family members. You can all work together to pack items, label boxes, move heavy furniture, and even remove the rubbish. Remember to return the favour when it’s their turn to move. But if no one is around, consider hiring a moving company.

Organise your Electronic Waste

If you have any e-waste, ensure they’re separated from the rest of the trash. This includes old electronic items like computers, dishwashers, and so on. Most of them require special handling during disposal. Therefore, for your own safety and that of the waste collectors, avoid mixing hazardous waste with other household waste.

Book Rubbish Removal Early

There’s no doubt that moving house leaves behind a lot of junk and rubbish. This makes waste removal an integral part of the process. Luckily, there are rubbish removal companies like Clearabee that can take care of all your waste. You can hire a skip bag or take advantage of their bee bags, and fill them up with your waste as you go. They can help with certain tasks like dismantling bigger items like old furniture and taking them outside –for disposal of course. They’ll also organise for a pickup and dispose of your waste responsibly. Be sure to contact them early, to save on costs of urgent rubbish removal requests. It will also give them ample time to make arrangements according to your removal needs.

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