Perfect Gift Guide For Your Favorite Tech Guy

Every day it seems like new technology is created and released for our benefit. Tech becoming more and more advanced, and everybody wants to get their hands on it.

Giving someone the gift of technology is always a good idea, but people that know a lot about technology might be harder to please.

The tech guy in your life probably wants all the new gadgets to keep up with his peers. He probably also spends a lot of time working on his technology, failing to take care of himself at times.

Remind your techie boyfriend of just how much you love him with a better-than-average gift. Think about what he might need aside from that high-tech computer or the newly-released smartphone.

Make an impact on your favorite tech guy’s life with one of these awesome gifts that he’ll be talking about for days!


  • Virtual Reality Headset


Technology that the two of you can use together is better than the standard technology that only he can benefit from. A virtual reality gaming headset like the Oculus Rift S is a fun way to have a little friendly competition.

Choose from hundreds of games in the Oculus store and start playing! Complete with upgraded graphics and a comfortable fit, this is the best way to spend some time bonding.

He’ll be obsessed with the amazing features of this new gaming system. The two controllers make it feel more realistic than ever before and there are no cables to trip over during gameplay.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when you can give him such a fun gift that the two of you can use together.


  • Kool8


Playing games for too long and working on new technology can cause anyone to forget to hydrate. The Kool8 reusable water bottle is a great gift to remind your favorite tech guy to take care of himself during a busy day.

Customers can’t resist Kool8’s modern design that is so practical for daily use. It will keep him looking sleek while he’s working at his desk or waiting in line for the newest product. He’ll absolutely love the gray color to complement the technology he uses.

The Kool8 bottle is also made of a material meant to last and is insulated to keep beverages at the perfect temperature for hours.

To make it even more useful, Kool8 even comes with a tea infuser so tea lovers can drink their tea on the go! Tech guys will love the many uses of this bottle and how eco-friendly it is.

Give him a reusable water bottle and he’ll be sure to appreciate you more than ever before.


  • Tiesta Tea


If your tech guy needs a little dietary boost, Tiesta Tea might be able to help. With the many health benefits that loose teas offer, it’s a great idea to gift him a flavor he’ll love.

Tiesta Tea’s loose teas can help boost his energy, improve his immune system, and possibly lose a little weight! It also contains beneficial antioxidants that will work wonders for his body.

If he’s not big into loose tea, Tiesta Tea also offers already-brewed iced tea in a bottle he can grab when he’s running out the door. What might be even more his speed is their partnered Tea Brew that combines healthy tea with a low-calorie beer!

There are so many options to choose from that your tech guy will love. Find the tea that suits his needs to give a gift that will excite him.


  • Portable Charger


It’s a horrible feeling when you are out and about and suddenly, your device is at a 10% battery. Finding an outlet and having to stay put while it charges up is so inconvenient.

Your tech guy will love how easy his life is with a portable charger that will keep him connected all day long.

This compact charger is easy to carry around, fitting into any pocket or pouch he might carry. It charges quicker than the competition and doesn’t need to be recharged so often, either!

Keep him online for longer with a portable charger so he can accomplish everything he needs to all day long.


  • TwinkleInTime


Get him away from the screen for a bit to remind him of just how much he means to you. With a custom poster from TwinkleInTime, he’ll be happy to log off.

Capture a view of the night sky on a specific date and in a meaningful location. Think about when you first met to really show him you care.

Write a customized caption for the poster to put your feelings into words. He’ll love hanging up such a heartfelt gift and showing it off to his friends.

He’ll have no problem disconnecting for a while to enjoy this super cool, slightly nerdy product.


  • GoPro


No tech guy would be complete without a GoPro to capture all the fun moments. Give him the gift of adventure with this durable, waterproof camera so he can make memories that will last a lifetime!

With live streaming capabilities, he’ll be able to share his experiences as they are happening. He can also take high-quality pictures and capture videos in slo-mo or high-speed!

This camera is equipped with voice control for a hands-free experience. There’s nothing he won’t love about this rugged equipment that will make his adventures so much more fun!


  • Custom T-Shirt


A custom gift is always a fun way to make the recipient smile. A tech guy would love a custom shirt from ScreenPrintThis that you can make to fit his exact style.

For less than $20, you can create a shirt that he’ll adore! He’ll want to wear it every day if you choose his favorite colors or print it with his favorite things.

You can add any text you want or any picture you think he’d enjoy. The options are endless when you can make it yourself!


  • Protein Coffee


It can be exhausting when you are staring at screens all day. Give your favorite tech guy a boost with protein coffee! Complete Nutrition protein coffee comes in many flavors that he will love.

I love drinking Ultimate Nutrition before I begin a long day of work. It gives me energy and I am much more motivated to work harder! The caramel flavor tastes like a treat but it’s completely guilt-free to enjoy.

Protein coffee has many health benefits that make it so worth drinking. According to Healthcare Weekly, drinking protein coffee can promote a healthy heart. Cardiovascular problems cause so many deaths every year, and protein coffee can fight against this!

It lowers blood pressure, reduces high cholesterol, and improves circulation. Your tech guy will love the flavor of the drink and all the benefits it brings to him!

Make him feel better about himself by giving him protein coffee to get through the day.

  1. Wireless Charging Dock

A guy who loves technology likely owns a lot of devices that constantly need power. A wireless charging dock is a great gift for the guy who has wires plugged into every outlet.

Having a dock will improve wire control, as it comes with stations for all the devices he’ll need to charge. He can charge three devices at one time with only one plug!

This is a great gift to get your guy started on the right foot every day. The devices he needs will be ready to go right when he is.

Buying gifts can be a lengthy process, but these ideas should inspire you to find a gift that your favorite tech guy will love!

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