CBD Oil: How long before I should feel it? How much should I take?

If only this question were as simple to answer as it is to ask.  The reality is that ultimately, though we know that CBD oil has some pretty incredible qualities and properties that immensely benefit the human body, there’s still a lot to be worked out. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil, or cannabinoid oil, is an extract from the hemp plant.  Recently, the Senate passed a law to legalize the farming of hemp.  This comes in the wake of growing public knowledge and understanding of the difference between marijuana’s psychotropic compound, THC, and the non-psychotropic cannabidiol. 

Once the difference between marijuana and hemp became clear to consumers, they were pretty quick to accept it as a separate product of its own. The 2018 Farm Bill even gave approval to grow and market CBD oil (though not as food or beverages) with no more than .3% THC levels.   

As it become more widely understood and accepted, it also grew in popularity at a rapid rate. CBD oil has been identified as almost a sort of miracle oil, with users touting it’s healing qualities with a range of illnesses and diseases.  According to HCW, anything from diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, skin, anxiety and stress, anti-inflammatory properties, and even certain psychological conditions have been touted as improved by the oil. 

And yet, while we are quickly discovering just how unbelievable it’s properties are, there are still plenty of things left to be discovered about CBD. Research on the effects and healing properties of CBD are in the earlier stages, and there’s still much to learn. 

Before you take CBD oil

This is pretty evident by the fact that as of yet, there isn’t even a specific dosage amount attributed to the usage of it. However, this isn’t to say it’s all guesswork and trial by error when it comes to consumption. 

When evaluating just how long it should take your body to feel the effects of CBD oil, it’s important to first understand that how you administer your dosage directly effects how quickly the compound enters and impacts your system. 

As with any substance, certain methods of intake are going to produce quicker results. Inhalants, for instance, work significantly faster, because the compounds are quicker to enter the bloodstream.  

By comparison, CBD oil that is ingested orally often takes the longest to impact the body. For this reason, most companies direct users to take a sublingual approach, and hold the oil under the tongue for a minute or so. This helps quicken absorption. 

And by the same token, the administration method also impacts how long the oil remains active in the body.  Although ingestion is the slowest method, it also tends to be the longest working method. 

Generally speaking, users can expect to feel the CBD oil working within one to six hours. Now, yes, one to six is a pretty significant range for understanding when to expect a product to work.

Just like with any medication your doctor might prescribe you, though, a range of other factors come into play with prescribing the right dosage. A doctor wouldn’t just tell you to take two aspirin, without understanding that aspirin can come in 80 mg, or it can come in 325 mg. 

The same is to be said of CBD oil. An individual’s body weight, their administration method, and the concentration of the product.  Not all CBD is created equal. Because there is still a gap in the understanding and the regulation of it, there are a lot of products out there, and they aren’t all good. 

Administration as an inhalant can often be felt within minutes, while sublingual administrations can typically be felt in one to three hours, depending on the potency of the product. Topicals might take a bit longer than sublingual ones.  Inhalants will also leave the body faster, while oils will remain longer as they work through the digestive system. 

Determining your dosage

Because it is not yet an exact science, it’s always best to start small and increase your dosage until you’re feeling the effects that you want to feel. Always consult a medical professional with questions or concerns you might have, and only select a product from a reputable seller. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The answers you receive back should leave you feeling confident in your decision, not curious and questioning.  The more a seller knows about their product, the better it is for you. 

The higher the mg of CBD per bottle, the less you’ll want or need to take according to this guide. Generally speaking, most experts will recommend starting out with a lower potency, and starting with a 1/4th dropper, and steadily increasing.   With a daily recommended dosage of 25mg per day, how much you’ll want to consume is dependent upon how strong the bottle is, and how much of an impact you’re hoping to have. 

Start smaller, and work your way up until you’re achieving the desired effect you’ve been hoping for. 
Author bio: Marina Turea is a content manager at Digital Authority Partners & a CBD enthusiast

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