Why You Need A Locksmith When You Move Into A New Place?


Moving into a new home is exciting, but also scary. New people to meet, new relationships to make – these are challenges that can often be daunting.

When moving into a new home, what you really want to feel, end of day, is safe and secure.

So, the first thing you need to look at, is your locks. Here’s why you need a Locksmith when you move into a new house or apartment.

Who has the key to your home, besides you?

It’s a ‘key’ question, we don’t ask – all too often. Yet, before you buy your new home, or enter it, a number of people – including tradespersons – will have been inside your home.

Fitting locks, doors, wardrobes, bathrooms, curtains – all the things that have gone in to making your home the masterpiece that made you want to buy it.

We’re not saying a tradesperson is going to enter your house in the dead of night

What we’re saying is – if you wish to feel truly safe and secure at night, then you should hire a professional locksmith to change your locks – so you’re the only one with the key to them.

What changing your locks will make you feel as a first home or new home buyer in Brisbane: secure

A home is supposed to make you feel secure. If it doesn’t, it’s not a home, it’s a boarding house. An expensive one.


Security comes in all shapes and sizes today

Security is not just a padlock on your door. Today it is CCTV cameras, padlocks, deadbolts, insurance, 24-hour monitoring if you need it and much more. You can talk to a residential locksmith to discuss all the security measures you can put in place to make your apartment or home burglar-proof.


One locksmith – Emergency Locksmith Brisbane has understood home security and how it has changed

We’ve responded by changing the way we, ourselves, look at security and the way we provide it. We provide residential, commercial as well as Automotive Locksmiths services.

No longer just a maker of spare keys, we do a full audit of your home’s security needs before we go about fixing them.

Things we’ll look at include:

  • Crime rate in your area
  • Your insurance policy – whether the locks on your door will cover you or not
  • The number of break-ins on your street
  • The vulnerability your life stage predisposes you to
  • Any weak spots in and around your home that need to be neutralised


After we compile your security issues, we’ll fix them

We’ll also monitor your security ongoing for you if you like or get partners we work with to.

Moving into a new home is as big an event as a wedding is. So, we give it the same importance by way of security as our clients do.


If you’ve moved into a new home and you’d like us to secure it for you – we’d love to

Brisbane’s leading residential locksmith, Emergency Locksmith Brisbane understands that your home is where your hearth is.

So, we pull out all the stops we need to when it comes to identifying your home’s vulnerabilities and securing them.

To arrange a Comprehensive Home Security Audit of your New Home, please call us now on 0404 532 049.


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