5 Tips for Achieving Great Customer Success

While acquiring new customers is important to business growth, how you engage with those customers you have can increase revenue and provide new opportunities for growth and expansion. It’s important to use a customer success software platform that allows you to improve on those efforts. In addition to having a successful marketing and sales team, there are other ways to increase efforts to increase customer experience and satisfaction.

Choose the Right Investments

If you don’t invest in the right personnel and tools, then your efforts will be a waste of money. The first step involves using the right software and team. The software doesn’t have to be fancy and your team doesn’t have to be big. You should hire a team of people with skill sets that can handle ongoing growth and uncertainty. Maybe you can train your account managers to become part of your customer success team.

Not having to hire outside help means not investing in salaries and transferring mundane tasks to your sales and support team who are looking for new roles. You should also invest in a successful software program. This allows your CSM team to free up routine work so they can focus on more productive tasks. And since you’ll receive updates on your customers in real-time, you’ll be aware of their status, including their happiness levels.

Record All of Your Micro Costs

When pitching the idea of a CSM team to your executives, you should be transparent about how much it’ll cost to implement this new operation. If you set expectations high, then don’t be surprised if your fellow leaders don’t want to take a risk. Once you have a clear allotment, you should allocate those resources whenever possible. Invest in areas that will produce the most renewals and upsells.

Help your CSM team understand their roles and what an increased revenue requires on their part. Set a clear dollar amount for each success story so you know what efforts you need to take to scale operations. If the executive team feels good about your ideas and its costs, then you’ll have a good case for an increased budget next year.

Start With the Sales Process

Now it’s time to focus on the sales process. The quality of your customer’s experience starts with this first idea. The sales process should be used to build connections, set expectations, and identify what’s needed to make a difference to your customers. If you build the relationship early on and demonstrate the need to help them out, then you can carry that momentum into the relationship.

Identify Any Potential Pitfalls

It’s likely that you’ll come across problems along the way. These challenges or mistakes can decrease the customer experience, and those are the key places to start. If you know what can break a customer relationship, address the problem before it happens. The data in your CSM software will help you identify those problems. If your customers are starting to drop off, then come up with ways to keep them around.

Decrease Need for Customer Support

Troubleshooting each customer’s account can be a time-consuming process for your CSM team. If you can automate and streamline this process, then each member can optimize these accounts effectively, and build customers with customers that aren’t based on fixing bugs. Having clear documentation that shows them how to use the product and shows its key features can prevent them from feeling lost.

If they’re having trouble using your products, provide them videos that take them through the steps. This decreases the time it takes for your CSM team to help them out. Ninety-one percent of customers love using a knowledge base, according to Zendesk. This resource makes your customers more proactive because it solves their problems without the need for technical support.

Show Your Customers That You’re Paying Attention

Consistency is important, even if it makes a small impact. Let your customers know about new products and services. Find out their progress and create a personalized experience. When you’re providing new products and services to your customers, you’re preventing them from going to your competitors. Remember to make a genuine connection with your customers.

By incorporating some of these techniques, your customer success team will increase capital growth and productivity for the coming year. This software provides a long-term investment that will lead to sustainable growth and increased revenue.

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