How to Avoid Delays in Getting your Name Change Application Processed

Are you facing a situation in which your family panditji says that your name is not appropriate as per the Vaastu or Astrology? Or the Numerologist asks you to add another A in your name to earn more profits? Or are you getting married and you wish to add your husband’s surname to your name? Or is it that you think that your name does not match your professional profile? Don’t worry, you can get your name changed by following 3 easy steps and avoiding a few mistakes. Some people might find the name change application process quite cumbersome. It involves submission of many documents which the applicant might find difficult to arrange.  There are some common mistakes which an applicant makes which delays the application process.

The common mistakes which an applicant makes while making a request for name change includes-

  • Incomplete Affidavit

Applicants due to lack of complete legal knowledge miss out on certain facts which delays the application process. It is important to consult a lawyer for complete information to avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Forgetting to mention the Father’s or Husband’s Name in the Newspaper Advertisement

The newspaper advertisement must be complete in all forms and it must contain the complete identity of the applicant. If an applicant fails to mention the name of the father or husband in the newspaper ad then they will have to give another ad.  If an applicant sends an incomplete advertisement, the gazette authorities get in touch with you or bring it in your notice giving you time to correct it. This will add on to the normal time required stretching the application process.

  • Incorrectly filled demand draft

One must make sure to fill the demand draft correctly in order to avoid the delay in the application process.  One must fill the amount and the payee’s name correctly in order to avoid return of application.

  • Submitting an outdated affidavit

The affidavit must not be older than one year to avoid complications in processing the application.

  • Include full sheet of newspapers

In order to send the complete details, one should not cut out the newspaper article but        send the complete cutting of the newspaper.

  • Non-Attestation by the witnesses

It is important that the witnesses attest the application form along with their complete details.

  • Non attestation of Photographs

It is important that the photographs must be duly attested by the Official Gazette in order to avoid return of application form.

  • Not sending Complete Documents

It is important to send the complete list of documents asked in order to avoid delay in application process. It is important to ask about the required documents from the Controller beforehand to avoid delay.

The application process involves 3 major steps which needs to be completed to get your name changed. The steps are as follows:

  1. Step-I- Getting an Affidavit made

Step 1 involves making an affidavit and submitting it to a First-Class Magistrate or a Notary or a Public Oath Commissioner in the District court. This document testifies that the individual voluntary intends to change his/her name.  An affidavit is a legal declaration of certain sworn facts made by the deponent under an oath or affirmation by a person authorised to do so. The basic contents of an affidavit include-

  • Complete name of the deponent
  • Deponent’s Father’s name/husband’s name
  • Complete residential address
  • A declaration stating that the facts stated in the affidavit are true and correct to the best of deponent’s or his advocate’s knowledge

Do not forget to keep copies of the affidavit. One can take help of an advocate to make a proper affidavit.  Two duly attested photographs along with two witnesses will be needed to complete the registration process. You can also keep an electronic copy of the affidavit at your disposal.

  1. Step II- Publishing it in the Newspaper

The next step involves placing the name change application in two daily newspapers- one in the vernacular knowledge and the other in English language. For example, if you want to change your name in Delhi you can opt for Dainik Bhaskar and Times of India. This is to avoid future confusion and making an official declaration is important for future correspondence. The main contents of the newspaper article must include-

  • The previous name along with the new changed name of the applicant,
  • applicant’s complete residential address,
  • name of the witnessing/attesting authority
  • date and place on which the affidavit was signed.

It is important to preserve the copies of the newspaper advertisement.

III.       Step III- Gazette Notification

The last step involves publication in the Official Gazette of the State or the Centre.  This is the final step in getting your name changed legally.  This process is mandatory for government employees and optional for others. But it is advisable to go through this process as well to avoid any future disputes. This is a very simple step and just involves submission of a few documents. It is important to call up the Controller’s Office of Publication to inquire about which all documents need to be submitted.

It is important to preserve all these documents in order to avoid confusion. These documents will help you in getting your name changed in the bank account and other legal documents.  Further, you can apply for a change in name in Passports, PAN card and other legal documents which can be easily done with the help of Affidavit, Newspaper Advertisement and Gazette Notification.  An advocate can help you in completing all the steps and avoiding unnecessary delay.

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