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YouTube really came into the big picture in the last couple of years when the whole PewDiePie vs T Series saga reached its boiling point. And it has been at this level for a long long time, the figures about the money that the people make while posting videos of themselves online have only gone and attracted more people to come in and try and do the “YouTube thing.” The website is actually a pretty great website and all the credit it receives is only due to its great lineup of content, that varies from the odd full feature-length movies to 10 minute long videos that are the pride of many YouTubers out there. There are also a lot of music videos on YouTube, and we mean A LOT. One can stream whatever content they want at any given point in time given that they have a good active internet connection to Convert File Online.

But once this internet connection goes is when the real problem with this set up turns its ugly face up. The fact that one cannot download and save YouTube videos on their devices has annoyed its fair share of people. And to deal with that exact problem YouTube went ahead and gave mobile users the ability to save videos on their phones, but these downloaded videos are encoded in such a way that these files can only be interacted with in the native YouTube app and nowhere else.

As you can see the released download features is pretty much inadequate, wherein it has no feature to even download and store soundtracks on the device. But we have gone and found you one of the best YouTube downloader and YouTube converter available on the internet.

And do you know what the best part about this converter is the fact that it’s absolutely free to use. The web service we’re going on and on about is called YouTubNow and we’re gonna take a deeper look at all the features of this service and let you know our views on it.


Download and convert video files into audio files

As we said earlier YouTubNow is one of the best online YouTube converters available and we weren’t lying. The website allows users to download songs in various formats including mp3, m4a, and WebM. So long gone are the days where you’d have to pay premium fees for a “premium” service that’ll allow you to download your favorite songs. Now you can easily just use YouTubNow and download as many songs as you like from YouTube which is a very trustable source.

Find your video easily

YouTubNow also comes in with a pretty innovative search bar that allows users to find the video they wish to download right from the website itself. This means that users can stay on and still be able to find the video they wish to download without ever having to actually leave the website to get onto YouTube and finding the song/ video and then returning with the link. YouTubNow speeds up this entire process by simply adding a download button next to the searched videos.

Format support that goes above and beyond

YouTubNow also has a great selection of formats that one can download their videos or audio files in. In terms of videos, one has the option to download files in mp4 or 3gp format while also being able to decide what quality they wish to download, i.e. 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p.

Sound files can be downloaded in mp3, m4a and WebM formats.

The entire service is available to the public absolutely free of cost is a really good great sales strategy for YouTubNow, but the fact remains that all the features that we just spoke are still available for all to use for FREE.

If you choose not to use it, well it’s really your loss.

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