What Kind Of Content Does Your Reader Engage With?

As writers we all want the same thing – for people to read, enjoy and share our content. When creating content for the purpose of digital marketing the goal is the same, it just goes by a different name – content marketing.

Content marketing refers to the creation of digital material like videos, blogs, and social media posts, which subtly promotes a brand while also providing valuable information to the reader.

But it’s not as simple as just creating content. In digital marketing you need to know what kind of content you reader will engage with. Your content also needs to attract readers and keep them interested. This is why creating quality content should be the main focus of your content marketing strategy.

What do we mean by quality content? It’s really pretty simple. Quality content should be engaging, fun,interesting and free of mistakes or incorrect information.Making sure your content creators are well versed on the topics they are tasked to write about is a good place to start. Proof reading and editing also plays a vital role in ensuring that the content you publish is of a high standard.

Creating Engaging Content

Like we mentioned earlier, readers engage with quality content. And creating quality contentdoes wonders for your brand’s visibility, credibility and overall authority. To tap in to all this cool stuff here are a few tricks to help you createhigh quality content which will keep your readers coming back for more.

  • Diversify

The easiest way to create engaging content is by using a few different mediums to talk to your audience. This means if you only have a website, try adding a few social media platforms to your brand’s repertoire. By doing so you can branch out from text intensive blog posts and mix it up with images, graphics, quotes, videos, etc.

  • Headlines

When deciding what your headline should be, always pick something that can grab the attention of serious and casual readers. Try to use a hook like a question or words that create an emotional reaction. But remember you still want the headline to be factual and valuable, or else you run the risk of sounding like click bait.


  • Subheadings

Unlike the traditional formats of print media, digital media works a little differently. In digital media you need to structure your content so that it’s readable and easy to follow. This is because the content is usually being viewed on a smart device, so it needs to be organized in a clear hierarchy.Subheadings, lists and bullet points make reading easier and keeps your readers on the page.

  • Keywords

Always remember that keywords aren’t just for search engine optimization. The use of keywords in headlines and subheadings plays an important part in attracting readers. Remember keywords are the main reason why readers chose to engage with your content – because it piqued their interest!

  • Voice

You may not realize it, but every writer creates content in their own voice. The means they have a specific style and tone that is unique to them. The most engaging content is created when people are able to make a personal connection to the writer. So don’t be afraid to be yourself when creating content.

  • Sharable

When people read something that resonates with them, they will definitely want to share it with their friends on social media. This is great news, because you can easily make your content sharable by adding social media widgets and icons to your website or blog. When it’s easy to share, your content will reach a new bunch of readers in a click.

  • Stories

Personal essays are currently all the rage with popular media outlets. This is because stories with a personal angle tend to keep readers hooked. When creating your content try to add a few personal anecdotes or experiences to spice things up. But always keep it light, you don’t to be an over-sharer.

  • Streamline your writing

A general rule to follow when writing is to make sure your content isn’t too long. No one likes reading stuff that’s too wordy and overly complicated. So don’t be afraid to streamline your content by shortening your sentences and breaking up the text into paragraphs.

  • Facts and Links

Using citations from reliable and trustworthy sources goes a long way in creating quality content. News, factual research and scientific evidence giveyour content credibility, and keeps your readers engaged.

Final Thoughts…

The best way to keep your readers engaged is to create content you’re passionate about. When you write about something that moves you it comes through in your words. This is the type of content that strikes accord with readers and separates quality, engaging content from the rest.But it’s important to keep your audience in mind too, so you can give them the type of topics and opportunity of interaction that they crave.

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