How to use Instagram for business promotion: 13 practical tips

Instagram is one of the most promising social platforms for business promotion. Firstly, the popularity of this network is growing steadily. At the same time, Instagram users demonstrate a high involvement in interaction with each other and with brands. Secondly, Instagram allows you to publish and consume visual content that is perceived by users tens of thousands of times faster than text. Add the ability to use Instagram literally on the go with mobile gadgets. It turns out almost the ideal social platform for a modern person living at a frantic pace. Thirdly, unlike traditional social media, platforms for sharing visual content successfully generate immediate conversions.


Why does your business need Instagram


You can answer this question using statistics. 17% of the total number of social media users over 18 check their Instagram account daily. The core of the audience of this social network is represented by young people aged from 18 to 29 years. We are talking about the generation of millennials, who often make purchasing decisions under the influence of social platforms. In the gender aspect of Instagram dominated by women. Instagram users are actively using this network. 57% of owners check their account at least once a day, and 35% do it several times a day.


Practical tips for using Instagram to promote your business


If you sell services, for example, cumulative life insurance, online trading or laptop repair, look for clients on Facebook and other traditional social media. Visual social platforms, including Instagram, are more suitable for selling products. Clothing, cosmetics, DIY and hand made goods, photos, decorative items are some of the categories of products that can be promoted on Instagram.

The following practical tips will help you attract customers to practice:

  1. Subscribe to Instagram for business blog updates.

On blogs about Instagram for business, you will find recommendations on the use of this network for the promotion of projects. You can also receive notifications about new features and examples of successful use of Instagram by reputable brands.

  1. Get Instagram followers

The effectiveness of using this service depends on the quality of followers. To get more instagram followers Krootez, follow these guidelines:


  1. Connect your Instagram account to the Facebook chronicle.
  2. Celebrate published photos with popular hashtags.
  3. Subscribe to updates from other users, comment and mark your favorite photos.
  4. Crossposting photos on Facebook is a very effective way to get the attention of your friends in the largest social media in the world who don’t know about your Instagram account yet.


  1. Publish photos of your products


Turn your Instagram account into a storefront. Invest in creating professional photos. When you photograph a homemade cake with a digital soap dish, it looks beautiful. When the photo is made by a professional, the cake looks so delicious that they want to buy it.


  1. Add hashtags to photos


Hashtags help your target audience find your products. According to the marketing company, 4-5 tags are enough under the photo.


  1. Periodically publish photos of entertainment


Try to give the audience a reason to smile. Well, if the fun photo will be associated with your business. Is the customer support manager pouring coffee on the keyboard? Show users that company employees are trying not to ignore a single application, so they can not go to the buffet even for 5 minutes.


  1. Optimize your company profile on Instagram


In addition, an optimized profile will not let them get lost after landing. To optimize your profile, do the following:


  1. Set your company logo as your profile photo
  2. Use your company name and / or words expressing the essence of the business as a username.
  3. Briefly describe the essence of your proposal. Users want to know what you are selling.
  4. Include your contact information in the description, including the site URL.
  5. Pay attention to privacy settings. Your photos should be available to all users.


  1. Publish video


Since mid-2013, Instagram users have the ability to create and publish videos for 15 seconds. Share videos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and include them in an email newsletter. Do not forget about the possibility of embedding videos from Instagram on the pages of your blog or site.


  1. Use filters


According to TrackMaven, the most effective photo processing filters are Mayfair, Normal and Inkwell. They most often generate user feedback. According to research firm Simply Measured, brands most often use filters Lo-fi, Valencia, Rise and Amaro.


  1. Suggest audience to participate in contests.


Contests, for winning in which valuable prizes are offered, effectively stimulate user activity. Use this tool to get followers on instagram and increase audience response. Offer competitors the conditions of the competition, excluding cheating. For example, declare that the best photo will be chosen by the jury, which includes you, your cat and canary. Or promise to determine the winner by drawing lots.


  1. Offer followers discounts and bonuses.


According to the University of Massachusetts at Darmouth, 64% of Facebook users subscribe to brand pages to get discounts. Instagram users will also actively sign up for your account if you promise them bonuses. Do not give out coupons just like that. Ask the subscriber to leave a few comments, repost your photos, etc.


  1. Show the “kitchen” of your business


Putting equipment into operation, opening a new office, weekly planning, use such informational motives to cover the project activities. Publish photos of employees in the workplace. Customers want to know that they are communicating with real people, and not with the faceless company X.


  1. Show the capabilities of your product.


Stimulate demand by demonstrating the capabilities of your product. Show what kind of high skin does the coffee machine, let customers evaluate the clothes not on hangers, but on models, demonstrate the speed of the vegetable cutter, show the hairstyles and makeup that can be done in your beauty salon.


  1. Measure the effectiveness of business promotion on Instagram


Focus on the standard metrics of marketing effectiveness in social networks: the number of likes, comments, shareings, transitions to the company’s website, leads and conversions. Use analytics services Curalate and Blitzmetrics to evaluate the effectiveness of notes with visual content.


14. Rate effective channel of information dissemination


Try interacting with your audience via Instagram. You will be able to attract customers if you sell clothes, hand-made goods, decor items, services related to beauty and body care. Optimize your profile, post photos of your products, mark them with hashtags, get real instagram followers on, hold contests and offer customers discounts.


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