Building Your Own eStore? Tips to Choose Your Domain Name

Okay, you’ve decided to open your own e-commerce store, e-store. Shopify provides you with a free domain; however you also have the option to use your own domain name as Having your own domain name is more professional and makes it easier to promote your brand. Know the tips for choosing a domain name here.

With so many sites out there, you often need to be creative to find a domain name that is no longer being used. Smashing magazine has written an excellent article to do just that, and we have highlighted some important points.

One of the biggest dilemmas when setting up a website or blog is choosing the name for a page. And the success of a website in the search engines also takes into account the name of the page. The race to get a good domain name is huge over web. Try your name and get it here.

Think about the keywords of the site

A good website name should describe the content that will be treated; it should be short and also (if possible) creative. To accurately represent the subjects that will be treated on the site, think about which keywords describe the content of the page. Ex: if you are creating a blog with tips on how to create pets, you can think of the following words: blog, tips, and pets.

One tool that can help you in the process is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. To use it is simple: just copy a link from a website that you find inspiring and search.

Short is Big

Less is more. It’s no use flourishing much, because the search algorithms are in search of relevancy.

In addition, visitors do not want to waste so much time typing a giant expression. This conduct still induces the user to error, because the more words, the more chance the letters are changed. Check out today the web domain availability for them.

Protect yourself

Protect your brand. It is already so difficult to get a domain name that works well, has to do with the brand and empathize with customers, which is important to invest in its protection.

To do so, in addition to the chosen registry, select other extensions that can be incorporated into the original version.

As a result, competing companies are prohibited from registering the same name as you, and customers are redirected to the correct address even if they enter the wrong domain name. It is an indispensable investment.

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