All about boxing Gloves: Overview

If you are looking for good boxing gloves, you will have seen that there is a wide variety of products on the market. This element, essential for boxers has certain variations that will determine what type of gloves you wear and that are related to things like the weight of the boxer and the circumference of your hand before you have put the bandage, the experience as a boxer, the type of training etc…

Mainly when we buy good boxing gloves, we not only look for a good brand or that they are beautiful, we have 3 functions to consider: Support, Coating and breathability.

If you like boxing and you want to start in this world but you are something lost, you are in luck. Handerick are going to tell you all the doubts to be able to choose good gloves that adapt perfectly to your needs. Whether you are an amateur, if you are starting or if you already dedicate yourself to this sport for some time, do not miss the advice we have for you, they will not leave you indifferent!

Being in these aspects better the better the brand which will determine to some extent the cheaper price to more expensive as it is logical.

Speed gloves (gloves)

They are specially designed so that the boxer protects his hands while hitting the pear or speed bag. They are used to train and the boxer acquires greater speed and dexterity improving the technique of striking and working in aerobic ranges.

Punching Bag Gloves

These gloves have a more abundant “padding” padding to protect the hands from impacts against the training punching bag. They serve to hit without suffering the effect of vibrations and avoid injuries. They are not recommended for training in the ring and, of course, they are not suitable for competition. They are somewhat heavier and help to get more strength in the beating.

Sparring gloves

With gloves for sparring, we can go to the ring to train fighting with an opponent. They have “padding” padding to cushion the blows, both for the hand of the one who hits, and for the one who receives them. It is training, so do not seek to harm the opponent, always with maximum protection, that’s why it’s the best sparring gloves This boxing training glove has Velcro so you can put it on and take it off quickly.

Buy the best boxing gloves for you

What type of boxer are you? Because it is not the same to engage in this sport occasionally, amateur, amateur or professional, you should not buy the same type of gloves in one case or another. If you are starting in this world of boxing, you will not need to start with a few too expensive until you see what evolution you have.

What we advise you, are that you always choose some that are really to practice this sport, and since the main function of this accessory are to protect the hands from the impact of the blows. If you choose some very toy, you can end up suffering from serious ailments such as arthritis or loss of functionality in your upper limbs. Hands are for life, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to choose something that is really worthwhile.

Accessories needed to box

To box, in addition to the gloves, many other accessories are used that help protect the anatomy of the person or that help to make the training or the development of sports practice more comfortable or efficient. In the boxing store you will find these accessories that are important and essential for sports practice.

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