Seven Amazing Facts about Vidmate Application that you should know


As we all know that Vidmate is the application that can download the videos from more above 2000 websites spreading all over the internet. This is a very common thing for Vidmate because it can do a lot more than this. Whenever you read about the Vidmate on the internet then you only get the types of information which are always the same in the most of the articles and you do not get much about the capability of the Vidmate. In this article, we are going to tell you about really amazing and interesting things and facts about Vidmate application.

Fact #1: Vidmate does not have its own video that can available for downloading. Instead of this, Vidmate app is only a source, which provides a way of downloading the videos of other channels and websites. However, it also has the videos from the VMate application which is also a product of developers of the Vidmate.

Fact #2: No doubt, you already have known that Vidmate is now is a product of the Alibaba group (China). But, do you know that this amazing video downloading application is originally a product of UCWeb which is also a Chinese company.

Fact #3: Whenever you use the Vidmate application then you would have thought that there are only some of the limited in-built website shortcuts existing in the Vidmate app but it is also true that you can advise or ask the management of Vidmate apk to add many new website shortcuts in the list that you like or prefer.

Fact #4: At the time, when you copy the link of any video from a social media like Instagram or a website on the internet then you directly get the red download button on that page which redirects you on the downloading page in the Vidmate app. This saves your time and gives you the facility of downloading the video easily and without any complexities.

Fact #5: Vidmate is not only for video downloading from the internet but you can see there are many other facilities like you are able to listen to your favorite music or download many useful applications or if you want to kill the time in another way then you can play online games for making your personal best high score or beating the other players online.

Fact #6: It is true that Vidmate is officially had launched for the Android but you also can install this application on iOS devices and even on Windows devices by using the Android emulators.

Fact #7: We use Vidmate application for downloading video or audio files from the internet, right? But why do you use those files only for yourself? You can use the file sharing option in order to send any file from your smartphone to your friend’s smartphone at the lightning speed.

So these were the six interesting facts that every Vidmate user should know about so that they can enjoy at the fullest. The majority of the people from all over the globe prefer Vidmate application for any kind of HD file downloading. Through all of these interesting facts of Vidmate, we can say that it is the world’s no.1 video downloading application for smartphones. best headphones & earbuds at

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