4 reasons why Whatsapp is most used messaging platform across the world

Whatsapp is one of the popular messaging platforms. It is gaining popularity rapidly across the world. It has taken communication to the next level. Apart from text messaging, you can access voice over service via this app. The voice messages can be recorded along with images, documents and video calls that can be saved on the phone memory. Depending on the version of the operation system of the mobile phone that you are using, you can get access to the latest version of the application.

However, it is better that you should try to use the latest version of the application so that you can use it fast. If you are wondering about Whatsapp download kaise kare on your mobile phone, you can get it from Google store. From the Google store, by following easy steps, you can download the application. Upon using the older version of the app, you may not be able to run it smoothly. Also, you may not be able to get access to some features of the application.

Whatsapp works on most of the platforms

This is one of the important reasons why Whatsappis among the most used messaging application. It is easy to run this application both on Android and iOS version of mobile phones. In addition to this, it can also be used in tablets both in the iOS and Android version. With the introduction of the latest feature of the application, the app can be used in Windows phone, Android phone, and other phones as well. This app also supports desktop version along with Jio phones in India. The app easily gets synced in all supporting deceives making it easy for millions of users to work via this messaging platform. It can be used both for personal and professional use.

After it came into being in the year in 2009, some latest features have been added to this application that has taken its usefulness to the next level. Some of the interesting features are group chat facility. It also included sending images and other multimedia files along with text messages. After this, the video call facility has been introduced, and soon after it, the group video call facility has been introduced recently. Both the audio and video calling facility has been offered for free to the users.

Time advantage of using Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging platforms, it is not restricted by any time or geographical barrier. Also, you can easily send files via the application and save time. This will be beneficial when you have to send bulk messages. If you are sending image files, stable internet will help to send the files quickly. Therefore, this application has made it easy to communicate with people in quick time. In business deals, conference call via this application can be done easily, and it is not restricted by region or time zone.

Business opportunities offered by Whatsapp

Almost all business is using this messaging platform that helps in improved communication with the customers. Also, communication can be done easily via this platform. A business organization can use it for customer service and marketing. In the case of online shopping, this platform is a good option that helps to grab the attention of potential customers.

Ad-free application

One of the reasons for the popularity of the app is that it does not show any ads when you are using the application. Everyone must know how annoying it is when ads come up while using Whatsapp. This makes it fast when using the application and gives a pleasant messaging experience. Other than this, the end-to-end encryption of the app makes it safe even if you are using vital documents or confidential ones. This further means that no third party can have access to the messages sent. Other than this, Whatsapp also cannot get access to the messages sent.

However, another reason for the growing popularity of the application is its mobility. It has been designed to be used on mobile devices and not computers. Initially, it cannot be used on a desktop but with time and the latest features added to the application, even desktop users can have access to the application. With the introduction of the updated features in the application, the starred message facility has also come up. in this way, you will never lose any important message, and you can star the message so that you are able to access it quickly when in need.

So, it is seen that the increasing popularity of the application has overtaken Facebook in recent times. As per the estimation of App Annie’s The State of Mobile 2019 report, Facebook can no longer be considered as the most popular application. The place has been taken over by Whatsapp. This can also be understood by the increasing number of users of the application. Therefore, among all social media applications, Whatsapp is one of the best one.

Wrapping it up

However, it is seen that Whatsapp topped the list of per-user engagement in 2018. This further illustrates the need for users to use free calls and messages. This also helps in using a simple user interface where one-to-one or communicating with multiple users is easy. Therefore, this application has benefitted in a great way with the coming of better network facilities. It can be rightly regarded as an alternative application for text messages. With this, the instant-messaging platform is heading towards achieving big changes in recent times.

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