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If you wish to secure a seat at the business school of your choice, you will need a strong GMAT score. As such, it may be prudent for you to take up a GMAT prep course, of some kind. As there are for other competitive examinations, you will find that there are quite a few options available. There are many resources that promise to help you improve your GMAT proficiency, considering the amount of time and energy GMAT prep requires, you must take care to only take up a truly effective resource. One of the most complete and reliable GMAT prep resources that you could hope to find is the GMAT Online Preparation Program of Experts’ Global, an EdTech firm founded by one Mr. Mayank Srivastava. Here are some of the most prominent aspects of this resource.

Effective Video Instruction

Experts’ Global makes good use of instructional videos. Through a total of 100 instructional videos, Experts’ Global covers the entire GMAT syllabus. These videos are all very clear and to the point, yet do not lack detail in their coverage of the GMAT concepts. Experts’ Global’s practice material (exercises and mock tests) also make use of videos. They have detailed explanation videos for every question in their practice material. These videos are very useful, not only for understanding how to solve the questions that you got wrong, but also for understanding how to solve all GMAT questions more efficiently. Of course, there are text explanations, for those who do not wish to watch videos.

Congruence with GMAT

One of the best aspects of Experts’ Global’s online GMAT Preparation is just how representative of GMAT it is. The program’s four-thousand practice questions and mock test questions have all been written to match the real GMAT questions, in the concepts they cover, how much focus is given to each section, their difficulty/complexity, presentation style, etc. Experts’ Global’s scoring system is also very in line with the GMAT scoring algorithm. This is evidenced by just how close Experts’ Global’s students’ scores on their mock tests are to their scores on the official mock tests and even the real GMAT. The level of accuracy that Experts’ Global has is quite rare, as the GMAT scoring algorithm is not public knowledge.

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global has a GMAT mock test series, consisting of 15 full-length tests. This is a lot more than what other test series have, most others only offer six. Experts’ Global has included 15 mocks, in its test series, as a core part of the Experts’ Global prep approach is frequent test taking. As has already been mentioned, the questions on these tests are very in-sync with those of the GMAT’s. The tests are also hosted on an interface that has been designed to truly give the feeling of giving the real GMAT. Its controls and graphics are highly similar to those of the GMAT interface and it has the same full-screen layout. It even has timers that turn red if you take too long on any question. This is an excellent feature for understanding the type of time pressure that you will face on GMAT. You can take a free GMAT practice test, on Experts’ Global’s website, if you wish to.

Performance Analysis and Weakness Diagnosis

Another excellent feature that you will find on Experts’ Global’s practice material is its performance analysis software. This software analyses your performance across the last few mock tests that you gave, to determine your exact weakness and strength areas. The software also breaks down your performance on each individual mock; to let you know which areas you did best/worst in, how much time you took on the average question, etc. You will find that this automated analysis system is a lot more convenient and in-depth than any manual analysis that you could undertake.

Special Features

Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Training Module also includes a number of modern, innovative features that have been designed to make the GMAT prep process a lot smoother. There is the “flag” button, which lets you mark and save any question that you want to get back to later. You can use this to keep track of the questions that you find to be particularly challenging or useful for understanding a concept. You will find this much easier than going through the exercises and mock tests, to find the questions again. Experts’ Global has also included a feature to make note taking easier. This feature is the “stickies”. These are small, colored pop-up screens that can be used for taking revision notes and then pinned to your “wall’. The inclusion of these features really shows how committed Experts’ Global is to making the preparation process as efficient and engaging as possible.

Experts’ Global’s Online Training Module is very well thought out. The instructional material is truly top-notch, covering every GMAT related topic very diligently. Its practice material is equally brilliant, preparing the student through well-paced and rigorous testing.  

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