Impact of Good Learning Environment on Student  Performance

When it comes to study, parents provide their children with the best reading materials, some employ private tutors, while others take their children to the best schools, to ensure that the student performs well. What most people don’t know is that a student’s performance can be made better or worse by the environment they are in as they study. Any environment a student is introduced to changes the way they perceive things.

Learning environments can support education in ways that would leave you wowed. For example, the way the desks are arranged, or the classroom is painted can play a great role in the performance of the students.

Some of the environments that can affect the students learning progress include the following:

Emotional environment: Positive learning environments can be created to improve the performance of the student. For example, in an environment where students are encouraged to freely share their emotions without being harshly judged and ensuring the student feel safe as they do this, there will be positive feedback from them that would motivate them to do even better in their studies. In places where all students all seen to be equal and receive encouragements to shoulder on no matter what happens in their lives, the performance of these students never remains the same.

Physical environments: The physical environment can affect the learning process of students. For example, desks arranged in a certain way would encourage sharing and group discussions in class. These discussions would definitely play a big role in how a student performs. In addition, great colors chosen for a class can create a great impression thus creating a great impact on the students’ performance.

Respectful environments: A classroom should be a place where respect for one another thrives in. No one should be left out if there are ongoing curriculums or extra curriculum activities. Everyone’s opinion should be considered as well as respected. This in turn, plays a major role in the way the students perform in that class.

There are several ways through which great environments can be set such that they will have a positive impact on the performance of the students. This includes:

  • Cooperation and relevance

The social as well as the educational life of a student can be affected by the environment that is provided for them. Cooperative learning environment can help them concentrate in their studies and gain focus. This great skill with far-reaching effect can dictate how a student performs in both their academic work as well as their social lives. A cooperative student will not find it difficult to socialize, will have great interpersonal as well as listening skills that would bring a positive impact on their performance.

The relevance of the learning objectives would ensure that a student is able to apply the knowledge they get from education in their day-to-day lives.

  • Organization

The organization of a class can affect the performance of a student. For example, having a classroom full broken desks that need repair would distract the students and take away their concentration. This is because such desks are not comfortable enough and might even injure them.

A well-organized class will provide a positive learning environment that will help a student focus more on learning, thus improving in their performance.

  • Motivation

Students who are always getting motivation from teachers, parents or anyone around them seem to do well academically than those who have no motivation. Motivation fuels the learning process in students. This provides a platform where students can engage in activities that will see them grow and become better. Motivation will push them to achieve more, therefore, they will perform better.

  • Nutrition

This is a great factor that many people overlook. What a student consumes can take a toll on their academic performance. Proper nutrition will help them focus and have the ability to memorize what they have learned. Healthy foods will build better learners. When you make a choice to have good nutrition, these choices will bring great outcomes.

Parents also play a role to play. They should ensure their children succeed and become great performers. This can be done by creating conducive environments that their children can thrive in. They should ensure students get access to the following:

  • Quiet rooms for studying in.
  • Opportunities to improve their social interactions and explore subjects that are new to them.
  • Higher academic prospects.
  • Enrolling them for the best training courses that would enable them to improve in their performance. Every student is a performer. The fields in which they perform best differ from one student to the other. As a parent, ensure that you have provided a positive environment for your children to thrive in.
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