How to Write Your First Essay

You would be surprised to know that writing your first essay can be a piece of cake. Once most students join college, they come to realize that writing a custom thesis is the order of the day. The essays that you write play a considerable role in determining the grades you acquire eventually. To ensure that you don’t get it wrong, you shouldn’t miss this piece for anything in the world. It offers detailed guidelines on how to write your first essay.

1. Understand the essay question

That is the most crucial part of the exercise. Regardless of how good you write a piece, if it is not as per the expectation of the professor you will definitely fail. Ensure that you are aware of whether it aims to compare, discuss, analyze or examine among others. Also, identify the main topic.

2. Research extensively

After understanding the subject and the purpose of your essay, you should find out more about the same. As you do that, make sure that you also take note of the sources. That will ensure lack of plagiarism cases.

3. Come up with the format

After the research, draft a structure of how your essay will look like. That includes topics, headings as well as subheadings. In addition to that, point out the main points and ideas.

4. Introduce

The introduction can motivate the reader to keep reading or otherwise. That alone tells you how important the segment is. Make sure that you don’t write either too much or too little. If you are writing about a topic, this is a platform to show the examiner that you understood it. The tone should also be captivating. Make sure that the first sentence is an attention-grabbing hook. It should not stop there. You need to make the reader want to dive into the body as well.

5. Provide the details

Once you introduce, follow the plan discussed earlier to write your body. It should not be a block. As you paragraph, base the portions on the various critical points. Every paragraph should also end with a hook. That’s because it will make the reader move to the next. Ensure that you support your points. Nevertheless, do not write too long quotations. One of the most recommended formats is as follows. Since each paragraph talks about a specific idea, write a topic sentence first. Then, support it with an argument. Last but not least, back it further with statistics, examples, quotes as well as facts. The structure should be repeated for every main point.

6. Conclude

This segment allows you to summarize your argument. Do not make a mistake of introducing a new idea in your conclusion. Instead, restate your thesis. Then, try to relate it to the body. As you finalize your essay, see to it that you emphasize on your main topic. Do it with clarity and make it as compelling as possible.

7. Reference

When it comes to most of the academic tasks, referencing is mandatory. It can be suicidal to use references that you did not use at all. Other sources may not be reliable, which may make one to question the bases of your argument. As much as you need references, it is important not to copy from them. If you do that, it will be ruled as plagiarism. In addition to choosing the right source, you should also ensure that you also site them correctly.

Clearly, how to write your first essay is easier than you could imagine. All you need to do is to follow the above steps to the letter. Taking every step of the guide seriously guarantees you an excellent essay in the end. If you still find it hard, all is not lost. Ewriting Service can be of great help. In case of an emergency, it may also be the ultimate solution.


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