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that that’s something we’re working on another sleeper that we’re working on is

a sleeper rear projection TV so rear projection the cool thing about rear

projection TVs was they had a lot of space in them right

so if you were to take a modern OLED or

like quantum dot LCD and you were to put

it in the front figure out a way to

mount it get the sizing like mostly

right you could actually build a

receiver yeah game console yeah gaming

PC like you could build a bunch of cool

crap into the back and the whole thing

would bug multi-device it would look

worthless to a thief but it would be

like the bang inist all-in-one home


it would be so awesome yeah and

it would probably even have like decent

speakers because they did you could

probably even take like the area where

they had their speakers you could put

like a really nice modern sound bar in


that’s cool I really like that one

that’s really awesome I’m actually at a

soundbar manufacturer reach out to us

about a sponsored video recently that is

a great pitch swapping out a sound bar

like the sleeper TV though yeah losing

their sound bar to make it not only look

but sound great that’d be awesome

interesting all right Bashan it says so

much better than gamers Nexus I’m not

saying that because I agree I’m just

saying it cuz it was like a super chat

you know you have to you’re all I have

to I’m obligated yeah Oscar says hey

lions fun thank you helped me make my

first gaming PC.

I love it when people

tell me that there’s actually like

awesome cuz the funny thing is we don’t

really do build guides anymore no last

time we did a build guide was like over

a year ago yeah something like that

we used to do them like once a quarter

and the reason in case you guys are

wondering the reason we kind of stopped

doing them was like what’s left to say

we have already done like the goal that

I set out with when we started doing

build guides was to make the definitive

how to build a PC video I feel like we

accomplished that several times over

with a variety of different themes like

you really can build your own PC using

one of our build guides and all that

really changes from year to year is the

model numbers and even then not not much

in some cases so that’s why we kind of

stopped doing them but that doesn’t

change that those are the ones that

people really like it’s the first thing

out of their mouth when they approached

me at like LTX or CES or something like

that and it’s it’s awesome because that

really is you know I think our job is to

inspire people my

those two my favorite one is that we

like inspired them their career you know

what I mean like I got into computers I

got into programming or I got into

whatever because of your show I’m like

that’s pretty cool Stephen gamers Nexus

my viewers say you think my card got

blocked is this a ploy to get more money

out of me to prove that you’re wrong

yes and I got that $5.00 man I got it

it’s in my wallet right here $5.00

boom it’s a new technology holler

teleports right into ya Google Wallet

Wow it unfortunately converted to

Canadian that sucks how do you know what

else sucks this shows that the show’s

over yeah thanks for watching guys we’ll

see you again next week same bat-time

same bat-channel

instead of our intro here’s a message

from our sponsor

Marissa ploy press F and chat for the

show oh oh wow wait no we actually got a

new emoji for members we have

memberships available on YouTube now and

I don’t know is it :

when you do emoji I think it’s how do

you type in emoji

yeah well ltte twitch viewers have the

same emojis they’ve had before whatever

dude that’s cool you’re on that out hold

on no no this one’s great though way to

favouritism it just like Android in your

iPhone video Wow

hold on a second where is it oh okay

hold on hold on hold on here we go in

the LTTE dragon with a capital D oh is a

capital D that might mattering it oh

here it is here it is yeah yeah did you

see the dragon no you haven’t seen the

drag I saw it come in and I saw it on

the pallet I haven’t seen it out yet

it’s open okay go look alright no look I

got it

it’s the best is the greatest oh I know

right I know right I know right the best

thing ever

what the heck did someone just send 200

what is this is that 200 Australian

dollars because paying three dollars a

month on floatplane doesn’t seem like

enough for Canada’s hottest export lukla

frontier says add a donation button to

floatplane already so YouTube doesn’t

get all my cash look we’re working on it

actually that that is a that is a plan

though eventually yeah all right thanks

for watching guys see you next week


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