John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Undermines Justice for Elderly Women

Thanks to the activities of John Summers from the law firm Bell Baker in Ottawa an elderly woman’s hope of every seeing her son before she dies is fading.  DezrinCarby-Samuels has sought to see her son since 12 June 2015.

Raymond Carby-Samuels who had witnessed the infliction of abuse and neglect by his father Horace Carby-Samuels got Raymond evicted from his parents’ home so that he would not be able to further defend his elderly Mom from that abuse.

Justice Patrick Smith granted a court order giving mutual access to Raymond and his Mother seeing each other in 11 February 2016.  The abuse against DezrinCarby-Samuels that worsened with the forcible removal of Raymond worsened the abuse and resulted in Dezrin not being able to talk, walk and write.

John Summers through unethical activities which has been the subject of a complaint to the Law Society of Upper Canada has managed to frustrate Dezrin’s access to seeing Raymond. her own son.  John Summers’ unethical activities includes preparing a fraudulent affidavit that falsely accused Raymond of suffering from “mental illness”.  Mr. Summers has sought to support other such accusations without one iota of independently verifiable evidence as Dezrin’s health has deteriorated.

As John Summers’ deceit, deception and lies mount, Dezrin’s health has gotten worse.

We ask for members of the public to take a stand against Bell Baker’s lawyer oppressing the civil rights of a defenceless elderly woman and her son seeing each other through free speech that will help liberate DezrinCarby-Samuels from the elder spousal abuse that is being perpetuated by Mr. John Summers.

The law profession is supposed to be honourable and not to be used as a tool to deprive a mother of ever seeing her son to protect ab abuser who has seized control of her money to perpetuate abuse against her wit the help of a lawyer who seems willing to support lies that undermines the course of justice.

DezrinCarby-Samuels has been made an apparent prisoner of her own home thanks through the assistance of John Summers and his dishonourable activities.

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