5 Things Every Student Needs Before Heading off to College

College seems far away for most high-schoolers until, somehow, it comes knocking on the front door in the blink of an eye. The student made their ideal college wish-list, executed each application, and found that golden ticket in their mail that said, you’re in! Whether you’re about to embark on your next journey in academia, or you’re about to send off your kid who grew way too fast, you should count on stress to arise. This is a gigantic milestone that’s symbolic of growth, independence, and adulthood.

Now it’s time to buckle up and prepare for this next adventure. In which case, what are some essentials you or your loved one needs before heading off to college?

The Proper Attire

The volume and versatility of the clothes you bring to college is dependent on your circumstances and distance from home. For instance, will you be studying abroad? Living in the dorms? Or are you going to remain in your parent’s house and commute to school? It’s also crucial to determine what sort of weather you’ll experience at the respective college. Someone that lived in California their whole life but is now moving to the East Coast might need to buy more winter wear and, inversely, someone from the East Coast may have to leave that insulated jacket behind. Keeping these factors in mind, you can buy and pack all the clothes you need for college.

The Right Laptop

Let’s face it: most college courses have made the transition to digital learning. The idea of a student surviving college without a laptop is almost comical. Being that this piece of hardware will be part of the student’s lifeblood, it’s important that they’re setup with a quality device that’s going to last and perform reliably for four years or more. Again, this decision can be influenced by the type of major declared (a graphic design student, for example, may need a machine with more bandwidth). Evaluate the type of laptop needed, then read through write-ups like this HP Spectre review to identify which PC will meet the requirements.

A Budget

Another vital necessity a college student must have before they head off to their university is a budget. Again, this is dependent on circumstances, but having a clear idea of how much each year will cost, then identifying and itemizing monthly expenses, can help enforce a strict financial plan. This will help throughout college, but it’ll also help teach them to build the tools for managing life expenses in the long run.

The Room Essentials

When a student leaves for university, it’s usually the first time they live independent of their parents. Certain things taken for granted may not yet exist on the student’s radar, but they’re still necessities they’ll regret not having. Once the living situation has been solidified, create a thorough list of essentials items they’ll need to move in. While this list won’t include everything, it’s a great starting point to begin checking off the boxes.

  • Linens (Comforter, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, towels, etc.)
  • Bathroom toiletries (toothpaste, soap, deodorant, medicine, etc.)
  • Bedroom basics (lamps, storage options, detergent, rugs, laundry basket, hangars, etc.)
  • School Supplies

The ‘Extras’

Often, a student will head to college and check off their list of essentials but, once there, realize there was a lot more they could’ve brought in preparation. That’s why we recommend reaching out to peers that are in the school’s network and chatting with them, as they will know from experience what these extras are. Certain items might be a foldable drying rack, bed risers, portable charger, water filter, stain removers, ear plugs, extra cords (think HDMI or Ethernet), and just about anything that can help improve the daily life of the recent grad. Remember, college is a brand-new environment that’s as foreign as it is exciting. It’s important to prepare for everything, especially the unexpected.

And They’re Off!

If it’s you heading off to college, remember that, despite what you prepare for, there are going to be obstacles thrown your way that weren’t in the prompt. That’s why you should do your research now, choose the right courses, connect with peers beforehand, and make sure you’re as ready-to-go as possible. You’ll optimize your comfort levels once you’re there, settling in with ease. Good luck!

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