How to hard reset iphone 9

It is the best first try hard reset and if that actually not work to resolve glitch and then to try the factory reset. It may need to take iPhone into the factory resets and should exactly be used like last resort. With the release of iPhone and iPhone X, apples made some changes to the methods used to force and restart the flagship device use. Rebooting an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+ need pressing and hlding the both volum down buttons for the least ten seconds and until apple logo appears, restarting an iphone 8, here is the best and easy you can adapt to hard reset the iPhone 7. Try the best iPhone Manager to back up iPhone contents.

1 step

Need to check if iPhone can also be shut down normally and as recommended to force restart an iPhone only as a last resort if your device is responding. You need to hold down power button until the slide to power off. For iPhone x need press volume + and side button.

2nd Step

If the iPhone can’t be shut down normally and simultaneously press and hold the button right combination for iPhone.  Power button + volume down button and it is in the iPhone 8 as volum up then volume down and then power button.

3rd Step

Continue holding the buttons and need do so for the ten seconds until see the startup apple logo on the screen and then you need to release the buttons, easily.

Second way for how to hard reset iphone 9

  • Opening settings and gray app with gears and that is typically located on the home screen easily.
  • Top apple ID and section at the top of the menu that contains name and image if have added one.
  • If are running older version of iOS you may not required to this step.
  • If not sign enter the apple ID and password then tap signing first.
  • Then tap on iCloud and it is in the second section of the menu.
  • After that scroll down and tap bottom of the apps using icloud section, need icloude backup to the one position if it is not already.
  • Tap on back up now button of the bottom of the screen and need to wait until the backup which is complete.
  • Tap icloud and is the upper left corner of the screen and will return to iCloud setting page.
  • Tap Apple ID and it is in the upper left corner of the screen. Return you to the apple ID page.
  • Tap setting and it is in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Tap after scroll downing near the top of the menu.
  • Scrolling more down and then reset.
  • Tap erase and near the top of menu.
  • Enter passcode if prompted enter restrictions passcode.
  • Then tap on erase iPhone doing so will reset settings.
  • Then follow on screen prompts to set up iphone and it willb e in the same configuration and was when left factory.
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